Love travels from here to Australia

Special occasion: Victoria (Vicki) Wilding and Michael Edney looking happy together and with their family on their wedding day. West Park  Photography
Special occasion: Victoria (Vicki) Wilding and Michael Edney looking happy together and with their family on their wedding day. West Park Photography
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2012, for many Prestonians, will be remembered as the year of the Guild.

But Vicky and Michael also had the bonus of getting married.

The couple met at a quiz night in the Black Bull pub, Fulwood, in February 2009.

Vicky, an air/product executive, originally from Bamber Bridge, says; “Mike had been to the gym and had come straight to the pub with no underwear on as he had forgotten it.

“What a way to remember someone!”

It took Mike, a business analyst, from Fulwood, six months to ask Vicky out.

They eventually went on their first date to the cinema and later for a meal at Guy’s Court, Broughton.

Vicky says; “It had taken Mike that long to ask me out. I had booked to go travelling around Australia in the meantime and had an un-dated return ticket.”

She continues; “I still went but after four months realised I was missing him and came home.

“We moved in together and Mike proposed after only 10 days.”

The proposal came on February 16, 2011.

Vicky added: “I asked him one Monday evening which happened to be Valentines Day, when he was going to make tea. We had been living together a week. He quickly said that he would the following Wednesday but I thought that was too easy.”

Vicky returned home from work on that very night to a house in total darkness.

As she opened the door, the hall was decorated with candles either side of the corridor with rose petals scattered in the middle for her to walk upon.

Opening the door to the living room, Vicky discovered Mike, down on one knee in the middle of a heart made of rose petals and the room lit by candlelight. “Needless to say he got out of making the tea!” says Vicky.

Incidentally, the day Mike proposed was the exact date the couple had met at The Black Bull.

The couple were married at St John the Baptist Church, Broughton on September 1 - the first day of Guild week.

As the couple celebrated with a reception at The Villa, Wrea Green, they were surprised by a well-timed fly past.

Vicky says; “ We had a beautiful day, weather wise, and while all the guests were outside enjoying raspberry Bellinis in the sunshine, the Red Arrows flew past. While we were talking about them they flew back the other way - amazing.”

When on her travels Down Under, Vicky had visited her family.

She said: “My family in Australia were invited to the wedding but it was touch and go whether they would make it as my Uncle had been unwell. Five days before the wedding they announced they were in the UK so we were delighted.

“Though I had seen them two year previously, my family hadn’t seen them in three or four years.”

The newlyweds added: “Some of our friends and family aren’t big dancers but the DJ made everyone feel comfortable with a few games so that everyone could join in without feeling silly.”

“He even got my dad up,” says Vicky, “that’s a statement in itself!”