An Oasis of calm was perfect song

Rob Butler & Emma Morley H2 Photography -
Rob Butler & Emma Morley H2 Photography -
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Rob Butler had been told to be aware of pickpockets – but it was Emma Morley who stole his heart.

The couple met in September 2006.

Rob Butler & Emma Morley H2 Photography -

Rob Butler & Emma Morley H2 Photography -

Emma, an accountant, originally from Bath, says: “We both knew each other from socialising in the Fernhill Pub, Preesall.”

Sadly, the pub did not stand the test of time, Emma and Rob’s relationship was another story.

Five years after their cinema date the couple visited Berlin’s Christmas 
markets in December 2011 and Emma had no idea what Rob was planning.

Rob, a service manager from Knott-End, says: “My dad had warned me of being wary of pickpockets before we left.

“When we arrived in Berlin we were at a train station on the way the hotel and Emma placed her hand in my back pocket like she normally does.

“I panicked because of what my dad had told me and I had the ring on me so turned round ready to challenge somebody and realised it was Emma.”

The day before Rob had planned to propose the couple found an old-fashioned Ferris Wheel and, due to the heavy snow, found themselves in a carriage on their own.

Rob says: “I thought it was perfect to pop the question but when we returned on the Saturday it was hectic and had no chance of a carriage to ourselves.

“We returned to our hotel and I was feeling a bit deflated – I couldn’t even find a giant Christmas tree to propose under which I knew Emma would love.”

In the hotel bar a pianist was playing cover songs so the pair took a seat in a secluded settee area to listen and have a drink. Rob continues: “I decided this was the moment.

“The pianist started playing Oasis’, Wonderwall and I turned to Emma, knelt on one knee and before I could even finish asking the question she was crying and laughing and couldn’t wait to put the ring on.”

Emma says: “An old couple started to stare at us thinking we were arguing until I showed them my left hand then they let out a little cheer and raised their glasses.”

On September 7, Emma and Rob were married at St Oswalds Church, Preesall.

Rob says: “During the service Emma struggled to get my ring on and asked me whether I had any Vaseline.

“She thought she had said it quietly but the majority of the congregation heard making everyone giggle.”

Following the ceremony the newlyweds made their way to Lancaster Golf Club in an 87-year-old Chevrolet.

Rob continues: “One week before our wedding I lost a good friend, Adam Swanick, who died of a heart attack.

“He and his fiancee, Louise were due to be our guests and would have had the same reception venue.

“A surprise guest who had decided not to attend due to these unfortunate circumstances attended later in the evening. Paul, Adam’s brother, and Jack, Adam’s cousin, came to see our first dance. We were very touched that they came to congratulate us even though they were going through a very difficult time.”

Despite missing two very important family friends from their table plan, Emma and Rob’s special day continued without a glitch.

“The staff from the golf club quickly rectified out little mistake and we couldn’t thank them enough.

“They truly helped to make our day memorable.”