A TV fan's paradise: Gorgeous five-bedroom, £1.2m mansion with a top-floor cinema

We all love the cinema. Everyone who goes to the cinema invariably comes out with a slight tummy ache saying: "I love the pictures, we should come more often." Well, supposing that those very same people have a handy £1.2m to spare and have a taste for truly massive four-storey mansions with their own private cinemas, I may just have found a solution...

By Jack Marshall, Reporter
Friday, 5th April 2019, 3:43 pm
Updated Friday, 5th April 2019, 4:44 pm
The Waterloo Road property.
The Waterloo Road property.

Located on the veritably prestigious Waterloo Road where mansions seem to have multiplied like rabbits, this genuinely massive five-bedroom home is not only large in every regard - from its cavernous rooms to the fact that it legitimately has four different floors of rooms - but it boasts a certain quality as well. And that's a rare combo.

Regal and understated from the outside, the property is exceedingly lovely, but not the kind of house to make you do a double take and offer to buy it a drink. It has a class to it, mainly defined by the electric double gates and the classic pillared entrance, and a knowing air that just says: "Sure, I look pretty impressive, but just you wait until you see inside."

Walk in and immediately a practically football pitch-sized living room hits you smack in the chops. A collage of surfaces on which you just want to instinctively rub your face and soothing colours makes this about as perfect a manifestation of the word 'lounge' as possible. Never has a room been such an adherent to nominative determinism.

Across the way a fancy dining room also beckons you in, with an ambience which practically demands you don a ball gown and stand - cigarette and red win in hand - leaning against the ornate wallpaper, male or female. It's the kind of place where the candelabra looks very much at home.

But the house still has its most impressive trick firmly tucked up its billowing sleeve: the bespoke fitted kitchen-diner. Open plan and proud of it, this room looks like a cross between the bridge on a space-age interstellar vessel and a spotless greenhouse.

Pristine to the point of sterilisation, this really is about as 21st century as a kitchen can get, and with views out onto the expansive garden - make that the enclosed half-an-acre of private garden with further wooded area to rear, a summer house, and additional garage to the side - it's a very light space indeed.

Upstairs, three bedrooms - all with en suites and one with its own dressing room - await, while upstairs again, another two can be found. For those keeping count at home, that's all five bedrooms accounted for, and we have yet to explore the home's final offering when it comes to floors...

Yep, it's a cinema floor. Nestled away in the rafters and boasting it's own little kitchen area, this really might be the coolest room - scratch that, coolest floor - every built. It's cosy, it's hidden, it has a cinema, and it has food. What more could you want?