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Next week we will be teaming up with SkyParkSecure to offer you a discount code to save up to an extra 15% off the best deals on airport parking. This really is a fantastic saving so don’t miss the paper next week to get your exclusive discount code.

When planning a holiday budget there are many costs to think about, however the very first cost of getting to the airport can easily be neglected. Airport parking has become the number 1 option for travellers who are more savvy with their budgets as savings can be as much as £201 when compared to a taxi. But for those really in the know there are still savings to be made even with airport parking.

SkyParkSecure, based in Blackpool, are a leading UK provider for airport parking, lounges and hotels. SkyParkSecure have now made over 1 million bookings and have agreements in place to supply airport parking products for several major UK Airports including Edinburgh, Manchester, Gatwick, East Midlands, Stansted, Liverpool, Bristol, Leeds Bradford and Birmingham.

Here are SkyParkSecure’s top tips to help save you money

Tip 1 – Understand the options and pick wisely.

Onsite parking is usually run by the airport itself and can be the most expensive option but is conveniently close to the airport.

Park and Ride involves parking further away and getting a transfer to the airport in a shuttle bus. This option would usually save you the most money.

Meet and Greet service allows you to drive straight to the terminal and be met by a fully insured chauffeur who will take your car and park it for you. This costs more than park and ride but is ideal for young families, business travellers, individuals with mobility issues or those just looking to treat themselves.

Tip 2 - Book early to take advantage of the best deals as Airport Parking prices can vary between months as demand rises and falls.

Tip 3 - How to make sure your car is in safe hands, check for the police “Park Mark” accreditation. You wouldn’t want to come back to an unpleasant and costly surprise.

Tip 4 – Sign up to emails and look out for discount codes. There are always deals to be taken advantage of.

Tip 5 - And most importantly - Don’t cut out the middleman.

Booking agents and comparison companies like SkyParkSecure ( compare all the various options and prices to give you a full choice and let you know of the best deals around.