The morning sickness of the long-distance runner...

On the Go: Millie will be taking part in the Great Manchester Run to raise money for Heart Research UK.
On the Go: Millie will be taking part in the Great Manchester Run to raise money for Heart Research UK.
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Mum-of-one Millie Lavelle isn’t hanging up her running shoes just because she is six months’ pregnant.

When Millie signed up to take part in a charity run, she had no idea that she would be taking an extra person along for the ride.

Millie, 29, of Plumpton Road, Ashton, Preston, took up running last November and was soon bitten by the bug.

At the start of this year, Millie signed up to take part in the Great Manchester 10km Run on Sunday, but, unbeknown to her, she was already pregnant.

Millie is now six months into her pregnancy and is determined to complete the race, despite her growing bump.

Millie, who lives with partner Graham Hughes and two-year-old daughter Lily, said: “My initial sprint has now become a slow waddle, but I am still training and want to complete this race.

“I used to be a gym member, but one night I didn’t feel like going to the gym so I thought I would just go for a run. I really enjoyed it and I realised I could save money by going for a run a few nights a week instead of forking out for gym membership.

“I like the freedom running gives me and the way I can just get home from work, put on my running shoes and go for a run around the park.

“When I signed up for the run, I had no idea I was pregnant as we had been talking about having a second baby, but I didn’t think it would happen so quickly! When we had our first scan, we worked the dates out and 
realised I must have got pregnant the same week I signed up for the run.”

Millie, who is a Subway store manager in 
Preston, says some people have expressed concern about her 
running during her 
pregnancy, but says she is not doing anything to harm her baby.

She said: “I have always done a lot of walking and running, so I haven’t really changed what I do during my pregnancy.

“It is only over the last four weeks that 
my pregnancy has 
started slowing me down.

“I have sought advice from doctors and midwives and they say I am safe to run as long as I don’t push myself too hard.

“I am now taking things easier because of my pregnancy.

“Paula Radcliffe took part in a 10km run while she was pregnant and her advice was that it was fine as long as you take it slow.

“She completed her 10km run while pregnant in 43 minutes.

“But I think it will take me at least double that and I am not going to try and win, but just take it slow and easy.”