The alpaca who sings a different tune

Angela Whittle feeds the Alpacas on her farm in Whittingham
Angela Whittle feeds the Alpacas on her farm in Whittingham
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Domingo the alpaca certainly has the girls swooning and can twist little children round his hoof.

But, put a male of the species within spitting distance and he becomes the devil in disguise.

The six-year-old is just one of 63 alpacas at Angela Whittle’s Sudell Farm in Whittingham, near Preston.

Despite “loving him to bits” the bundle of fur’s behaviour is so bad he spends most of his time in solitary confinement.

Owner Angela, who has been breeding the loveable creatures for more than seven years, is so fed up with his naughtiness she’s sought help, but even TV vet Marc Abraham couldn’t tame him.

Domingo and Angela feature in Sky One’s new series My Pet Shame clinic tomorrow night, when Angela said the animal “had the camera crew eating out of their hands” and was on his best behaviour.

Angela said: “It was unbelievable, He just performed for them then as soon as the cameras were off him he went back to normal.

“He just hates other boys but loves the girls. He is so gentle with people but as soon as another male comes near him he changes.

“His behaviour is so out of character for alpacas. They usually all live together quite happily but he really dislikes other males. If we put him in with them he chases the boys, bites them and asserts his authority. He wants to be top dog. But it means he has to be on his own.”

Domingo once kept a group of males captive in a 12ft square area of field. They were so scared of moving they didn’t dare move and went without food or drink for two days.

The TV vet suggested putting him in a neutral field with another male, which Angela did, but he fought the other one. She added: “It didn’t work for Domingo but we did try the technique to integrate a new male and it worked.

“It is sad really because Domingo is a lovely animal. All his babies have been lovely.” She fears Domingo will get increasingly isolated and lonely.