Not on the high street personalised Christmas gifts

Unregiftable gifts? They stay with us. Make 2021 the year to make your gift special, instead of another season of “Oh wow…thanks”, “Another gift card! You…shouldn’t have”and “Don’t rip the wrapping – we’ll reuse that, too”!

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Monday, 25th October 2021, 3:11 pm
Tis the season to gift the unregiftable

This holiday season, it’s time to challenge the mundanity and turn forced smiles and “thanks” into ‘ugly face’ sobs of joy.

Gift experts at Vistaprint know that there is no place for “meh” in memorable. It’s time to make your gifts SO personal, SO thoughtful, SO incredibly ‘them’ that it would be downright weird to regift them.

Unregiftable gifts stay with us, as we hold them in our hands, stare at them on our walls and wear them more times between washes than is probably recommended. So the season of disappointment may be upon us, but you’ve got a secret weapon . . . make it unre-muggable, unre-picturable, unre-T-shirtable.

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Their reaction is likely to be more than a polite smile and thank you . . . They’ll belly laugh, they’ll proudly show it off for years to come, and brag about it on the internet.

Unregiftable is a celebration of one-of-a-kind personalities, so this is all about who you are choosing it for. It is a gift that really says “I get you”. This says “I know you” in a way a gift card never could.

These are one-of-a-kind, custom-made gifts you won’t find in any store. They are from the heart and not off the shelf – and the best thing is that each gift is made with love by the gifter.

Choose from Vistaprint’s wide selection to get your inspiration, from personalised aprons and shopping bags, to canvas or wood prints and tapestries. Choose a photo mouse pad for your hard-to-buy-for brother, comfy personalised cushion or fleece blanket for your daughter who has headed off to uni or put your favourite photo on a jigsaw for your niece.

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So goodbye gift receipts. These are custom-made gifts you won’t find in any store. Made for you, just for them. As not seen on TV.

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