Review: Momoz Street Food, Preston market hall

Vegetable curry and aloo starter
Vegetable curry and aloo starter
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It hasn’t been the easiest few months for some of the traders in Preston’s market hall.

Several have pulled out, blaming the price of rent or the cold conditions, prompting the council to bring in new measures to help address stall holders’ concerns.

Chciken biryani

Chciken biryani

One of those still going strong at the market is Momoz Street Food - and it’s easy to see why it’s popular.

The stall is located towards the rear of the market hall and specialises in Indian street food.

Its offer is pretty simple - there were only about half a dozen types of curry plus starters and rice on display at the counter when we visited - but what they do, they do really well.

Service was friendly and prompt, with the chap on the counter asking if we wanted the food heated to eat there or put in tubs to take home.

We chose a chicken biryani, a mixed vegetable curry with some extra rice, and an aloo starter which looked a bit like large bhajis.

We were also tempted by some absolutely huge samosas but they looked like a main in themselves so talked ourselves out of it.

The food was promptly boxed and bagged up for us take home for dinner. The aloo starter didn’t survive the walk home so well; it went a bit crumbly as I popped it in the oven to reheat - but it did nothing to detract from the flavour.

Stuffed full of veg in a crispy batter, it packed the right amount of spicy kick to start the meal without being overpowering. Momoz had thrown in a little pot of cooling minty yogurt in case it was too hot but I’d happily have gobbled another.

The vegetable curry was also a winner. A filling mix of potato, carrots and peas, it was a hearty, warming main meal in a thick sauce which was spicy but creamy, supplemented by fluffy rice and peas. The portion size was just right for everything - enough for dinner without leftovers.

The chicken biryani was also delicious, flavoured with coriander and dry-cooked rice. The only thing lacking was there could have been a bit more chicken in the mix.

The best thing about it was the value for money - a meal for two came to under £9. I really should have pushed the boat out and grabbed those samosas too...I’ll go back to try their delicacy, a steamed chappati stuffed with meat or veg.

With Momoz, you can’t order online or get the food delivered to your door, but if you are in town, it’s worth popping by and taking a look at what they - and the great traders left in the market hall - have to offer.