Preston’s ice rink is still fit for business despite warm winds

Unseasonable: The rink on Preston Flag Market
Unseasonable: The rink on Preston Flag Market
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First Storm Desmond brought torrential rain and flooding misery to the North West and now Southern Saharan winds are ‘melting’ ice in Preston city centre.

The Met Office dealt those wishing for a white Christmas a blow after they announced we are set to face unseasonably warm weather this month.

Dancing on Ice star Katie Stainby tries it out.

Dancing on Ice star Katie Stainby tries it out.

And now the warm winds have caused some ice to slightly thaw on the outdoor ice rink at the Christmas Market on Preston’s flag market.

But wannabe Torvill and Dean’s must not despair as operator Graham Fisher says the ice rink is still fit for business.

With no sign of snow on the horizon he is urging people to visit Preston’s winter wonderland to get their skates on for a blast of festive fun.

He said: “Warm winds are touching the top of the ice but there is still six inches of solid ice.

“It is frozen right now and it is perfectly safe.”

An outdoor ice rink also melted into a giant puddle in Lincoln earlier this month.

The chillers for the ice rink were put on full blast.

But it was not enough to re-freeze the water and it was forced to close.

But that is not the case for Preston’s ice rink as S&D Leisure, who have been 
working alongside Preston City Council this year to organise and operate their Christmas Market, say the ice rink is perfectly safe.

A spokesman said: “Due to the unusually warm December temperatures, there is some slight surface water at the ice rink.

“However, it is safe for skaters and we are open.”

And the Met Office explained why the warm winds are hitting the North West.

A spokesman said: “It’s all down to the direction from which our weather is coming from- south to southwesterly winds are bringing mild air from tropical regions.”