6 dog walks near Preston: best trails, parks and woodland areas to walk your pet - from Roddlesworth Woods to Haslam Park

Here are the best dog walks nearby for you and your canine companion to enjoy nature - from leisurely park strolls to stunning forest hikes.

By chelsea rocks
Tuesday, 24th November 2020, 3:03 pm

As the winter weather approaches and travel restrictions continue throughout the country, you may be bored of the same old neighbourhood walk with your dog.

Why not get out and explore beautiful nature spots on your own doorstep? And who better to accompany you than man’s best friend?

Here are six walks in Preston where you and your dog can blow off the cobwebs, stretch your legs and enjoy mother nature.

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Roddlesworth woods is beautiful all year round

Ceurden Valley Park

Berkeley Dr, Bamber Bridge, Clayton-le-Woods, Preston PR5 6BY

This park is 650 acres of dog friendly nature and is just 20 minutes’ drive from Preston city centre.

The stunning scenery boasts a manor, woodland areas and open grassy parks to let your pooch bound around.

There is a car park located to the south of the park and the paths are well maintained and lit so this walk is a must-do in all seasons.

If you are planning a winter stroll with your dog, you might also want to visit the cafe for a warm winter brew.

Avenham and Miller Park

South Meadow Ln, Preston PR1 8JP

This riverside park dates back to the Victorian era, though the well-maintained grounds have been restored and are accessible for all walkers and their canine companions.

Just a 12 minute walk from Preston station, it is a great place to tire out a playful pup or relax with an evening stroll without travelling too far.

There is also a Japanese rock garden dating back to the 1930s and the flowerbeds which line the tree-shaded path along Derby Walk is ideal for all weathers and walkers.

Roddlesworth Woods

Accessed from Mill Lane, Chorley BB3 0PD

The woods are a great escape from the busy city centre of Preston and Blackburn, located in Chorley.

The car park (Chorley BB3 0PD) is at the foot of the woods and due to the leafy, grassy nature of the forest floor you might want to bring wellies and consider the fitness levels of you and your pooch.

Let your dog stretch their legs as they explore the derelict mansion and Darwen Moor at this shaded, wooded walk.

Haslam Park

Bristow Ave, Preston PR2 1JE

Haslam is nothing short of an autumnal movie scene, with its tree lined entrance and screeds of open space.

The park is popular with dog walkers, runners and families and we can see why - the park runs along the canal and is home to a number of original features such as an old drinking fountain and ornamental lake.

There is a nature reserve also located within the park and rose gardens, meadows and picnic areas to be explored while your dog is kept on a lead.

For the opportunity to stretch your dog’s legs, the 6km walking route and designated areas within the park allow for well trained dogs to run freely.

Beacon Fell

Preston PR3 2EW

Less of a stroll in the park, more of a challenging energy burnern - Beacon Fells offers picturesque panoramic views of 271 acres of woodland, moorland and hills.

The hill is 233 metres high and on a clear day offers views as far as the Isle of Man.

Although your dog can explore without restrictions, wildlife such as hares and rabbits might catch their attention (or appetite) so you may wish to keep a lead handy.

The hill does have ample parking to the foot, located approximately 30 minutes from Preston and is only open to the public 10am-7pm so might be more worthy of a weekend hike than an evening saunter.

Rivington Pike

Bolton BL6 6RU

This walk is a longer 47 minutes drive from Preston, but is worth the travel for dogs and owners who are up for the drive.

There are a number of walking routes through the park, with the most popular being Rivington Terraced Gardens. This starts at Rivington Hall Barn where there is a large, accessible barn and it continues through the meadows.

The Rivington Pike peak is a fairly steep climb and offers views of the peak district and Isle of Man.

Walkers will want to consider the weather before heading out towards the walk as the terrain can be difficult and muddy in wintery or foggy conditions.