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Allan Park and Dawn Kelly
Allan Park and Dawn Kelly
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Dawn Kelly was all at sea, both figuratively and literally, when Allan Park proposed.

Despite having known his family since 1985, Dawn and Allan’s paths only crossed when he offered to give her some advice on housing renovations and after a first date, the couple got on swimmingly.

Allan Park and Dawn Kelly

Allan Park and Dawn Kelly

The conference organiser, originally from Norfolk says, “ We had never really discussed marriage so it was a massive surprise when Allan proposed.

“On occasions I would wear a dress ring on my wedding ring finger and Allan often said that he thought it was bad luck and tried to pursuade me to take it off.

“Eventually, the day before he proposed I decided not to wear it.”

The moment came on board a cruise ship in November 2012, as Dawn was celebrating her 50th birthday.

Allan Park and Dawn Kelly

Allan Park and Dawn Kelly

On the evening the couple were dining with six other guests at a table adorned with balloons and banners.

As Allan, an electrician at BAE Warton, from St Annes, began to regale the table with the tale of Dawn’s dress ring she was in for a shock.

She says: “I remember thinking, what on Earth is he boring these people with this tale for and then he asked if I would accept this real one – I was gobsmacked.

“One of the othe guests reminded me I hadn’t actually said yes so I replied, ‘oh, it’s a definite yes’.”

The couple, who now live in Warton, were married at The Villa, Wrea Green, on July 11. And the kindhearted newlyweds used their big day to raise money for the Make A Wish charity.

Dawn says: “We said if our guests wanted to give a gift, that we would ask for money so that we could donate half of it.

“Thanks to the generosity of our family and friends we were able to donate £1,000.

“Our wedding day was just perfect, the sun was shining and eveything flowed according to plan.

“I have had a fabulous 10 years with Allan and I look forward to spending the rest of my life with him.”