Pet Squig’s Lakeland adventure

Squig the squirrel
Squig the squirrel
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Thirty seven years ago this month a new star was born as the Evening Post reported how Squig, Neil Forster’s pet squirrel, went on a trip in the back of a coalvan!

Lancashire Evening Post

October 12, 1977

Squig the town squirrel had wanderlust.

He longed to see some nut trees and pinewoods and leave the mill chimneys behind.

But it was a black day when the coalman helped him over the wall, and now he’s just thankful to be back in his own back yard.

The jaunt became quite frightening when six-month old Squig found himself locked in a painter’s van.

And he wasn’t discovered until it reached the Lake District.

The trouble started when the coalman arrived at the back yard of Forster’s wine stores in Plungington Road, where Squig has been kept as a pet since 16-year-old Neil Forster found him abandoned near Preston Golf Club.

The coalman unknowingly moved some crates and the squirrel was up, over the wall and into the van.

The painter found out where the squirrel belonged after his return to Preston when he saw a notice in the Forster’s window.

Neil was delighetd to be re-united with the pet he has reared since babyhood, and rewarded him with his favourite food – a piece of chocolate.

“When I found the squirrel it was just a baby and its eyes hadn’t opened.

“I brought it up by feeding it milk from an eyedropper. Then it went on to chocolate and now I have been feeding it grapes,” he said.