Local news from 1994

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A look back at local news from 1994.

New Year's Day dawned with the threat of a major environmental disaster on the Lancashire coastline as ominous amounts of a glue-like substance were washed up on local beaches.

Over the following weeks thousands of seabirds were recovered from the oil spill which affected 70 miles of coastline.

The spill was later traced to a Norwegian tanker washing out its tanks in the Irish Sea.

Lancashire animator Nick Park proved he was a world master at his profession by clinching a second Oscar with his film The Wrong Trousers.

His plasticine creations, Wallace and Gromit, were a huge hit in Hollywood where Nick collected the award wearing an outlandish tie.

The lights went out forever on Preston's electric light industry as the last light-bulb factory closed.

American owners General Electric announced that it was to shut down the Thorn factory in Kent Street, following the closure of the company's previous sites at Fylde Road and Strand Road.

Production was moved to Leicester and Hungary, axing 330 local jobs.

Preston father-of-two Alan Englishby owned up immediately when a computer error credited him with a 175,000 wage that could have set him up for life.

The 36-year-old engineer at Preston-based Rockwell Graphics was at a TSB branch when he spotted the mistake.

One of two Eurofighter 2000 prototypes took off on its UK maiden flight from BAE's Warton aerodrome, days after its sister plane flew in Germany.

Pilot Chris Yeo was airborne for about 50 minutes as the 22m aircraft flew over Preston and the Fylde coast at a height of 2,000ft.

Preston flying instructor Ian Graham spent 1,600 to jet 6,000 miles around the world to find his missing pet dog, Poncho.

The border collie escaped from kennels in Amsterdam when Ian's wife, Angela, made an overnight stop on her way to meet him on holiday in Brazil.

Ian, then 46, left Angela at the Rio de Janeiro sunspot to board the next plane to the Netherlands so he could find his pet.

He covered 100 miles of Amsterdam before finding the dog.

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