Historic window replaced after pub vandal attack

Shine a light: Landlord Richard Fisher-Godwin by the new window
Shine a light: Landlord Richard Fisher-Godwin by the new window
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“See if you can spot the difference”, that’s the call from pub landlord Richard Fisher-Godwin after replacing an historic parlour window.

A drunk vandal shattered the 150-year-old acid etched glass window at the front of the Moorbrook Inn in North Road, Preston, after taking a running kick in October.

A plain piece of glass had been its substitute until a suitable replacement could be found, and installed last week.

Pub bosses forked out around £2,000 for the window which features a hand-drawn frosted transfer.

Richard said: “We’re really pleased with it, but of course it’s not the same as the original and it’s lost some of its feel.

“Before it was a textured piece of glass with different colours of frosting and etchings, but now it’s a plain piece of glass with a very nice transfer. It’s got its own charms though, now you can see better through it and it allows more light in.”

The artwork was completed by graphic artists at Lustalux, which has it’s head office in Chain Caul Way, Preston, using using photographs from the original window.

“It’s very intricate and it incorporates all the main features, but it doesn’t have all the same little details on it”, said dad-of-one Richard.

“But the people who have seen it are very impressed, and it’s the closest we could get without spending double on an exact replica. As it’s our first year of trading, that cost would have been a massive impact.”

The pub, which underwent a full renovation last year, has another front window, which is a third frosted, with writing. It dates to the late 1980s as the original was also smashed by a vandal.

Richard added: “It’s such a shame, these windows were part of Preston’s history.”