Fashion and trends from 1994

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1994 - the year of Forrest Gump, ER, the Wonder Bra, Wet Wet Wet and Power Rangers.


Knowing Me, Knowing You with Alan Partridge: Comedian Steve Coogan's most famous creation was the cringe-worthy chat show host Alan Partridge.

Along with a strange obsession with ABBA and his catchphrase "A Ha!" Partridge gave the nation hysterics with his tactless interviewing technique.

ER: The scarily realistic medical drama which followed the lives and work of the doctors and nurses of a Chicago emergency room and launched the career of international heart throb George Clooney.


Wonder Bra: A huge seller from the minute it appeared in shops and on billboards thanks to the famous slogan, "Hello boys", and the promise to help boost any girl's natural assets.


Forrest Gump: Charting the life of Forrest, who has an IQ of 75, as he leaves school, joins the army and accidentally makes a fortune. Throughout his life he never forgets his childhood sweetheart, Jenny, or his mum's words: "Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get".

Speed: Action thriller about a bomb planted on a bus by a crazy ex-cop which will explode if the bus slows down to less than 50mph. Starring Keanu Reeves as the hero LAPD cop who saves the day and Sandra Bullock as the unlucky girl chosen to drive the bus after the driver is shot.


Wet Wet Wet: The Scottish foursome ruled the charts with their cover of the Trogg's Love is All Around from the hit film Four Weddings and A Funeral.

It was the band's biggest success staying at the number one spot for 15 weeks before it was withdrawn by lead singer Marti Pellow who said he was bored of hearing the song and people complaining about their chart domination.

East 17: Stay Another Day did exactly that when the song by the East End boyband topped the singles charts throughout December, holding on to win the coveted spot of Christmas number one.


Power Rangers: The multi-coloured Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers toys were top of the most wanted list for kids all around Britain.

The Japanese-created characters lived in California and protected the world from evil forces.

Toy shops reported stampedes and irrational parents battling it out in a bid to secure their child's favourite for Christmas.

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