Fashion and trends - 1976

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1976 - The year that Rocky fought his way into the box office and Abba had everyone on the dancefloor.


Taxi Driver

Robert De Niro played a psychotic Vietnam veteran in one of his many movie collaborations with director Martin Scorsese.

Deniro was the lonely and isolated Travis Bickle who believes it is his destiny to save a 12-year-old prostitute, played by a young Jodie Foster, from her pimp, which leads to a violent and bloody final scene.

The film was ranked 52 on the American Film Institute's list of 100 Years, 100 Movies.


Sylvester Stallone burst on to the Hollywood scene in a career-defining role as the Philadelphia debt collector turned professional boxer Rocky Balboa.

Rocky is thrown into the limelight when Heavyweight Champion of the World Apollo Creed needs to find an unknown fighter he can easily beat.

Rocky film won three Oscars including Best Picture.


Starsky & Hutch

Starsky & Hutch was an American television series about two Californian policemen, Starsky played by Paul Michael Glaser and Hutch played by David Soul. Fans loved the gritty, often violent plotlines, comic banter, and particularly the close friendship that developed between the two main characters.



In the 1970s a phenomenon known as biorhythms became popular. It was claimed that they could illustrate how our lives are affected by physical, emotional and intellectual cycles.

They were so popular that Casio and other manufacturers, introduced a calculator so you could calculate your own biorhythms, called a biolator.



It was a good year for Abba as they had three UK number one hits, Mamma Mia, Fernando and Dancing Queen, which was their only number one hit in the US. Their music was irresistibly popular thanks to ultra-catchy tunes, disco beats and the unique mix of the four voices.

Although they split in the 1980s they remain a fixture of radio play-lists and are one of the world's best selling bands, having sold more than 370 million records worldwide.



Cardigans became really fashionable in 1976 with the launch of Starsky and Hutch.

Named after the 7th Earl of Cardigan, James Thomas Brudenell, this trendy garb originated as a military jacket of knitted wool, with centre-front buttoning.

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