Retro gallery: Looking back at Preston's schools

Were your school days your best days?

June 1950 and the first bananas to go on sale in Preston Market since the outbreak of the Second World War in 1939

When Preston fed the country bananas

Local historian Keith Johnson recalls the Preston businessman who put bananas in the nation’s fruit bowls

Eve Balfour

Scandal at a Preston cinema

Historian Bill Davis revisits the day a night at the movies put Preston at the heart of a nationwide moral uproar

Henry Kitching MC

Chorley farmer who returned to Europe to fight in war

Henry Kitching had left Lancashire for a new life in Australia but after the First World War broke out he made the long journey back, James Graves reports

REV RON GREENALL: Pictures capture a real revolution

REV RON GREENALL: Pictures capture a real revolution

In my recent post came my first picture from a Burnley reader following on some of my comments about the Industrial Revolution in Lancashire .

Rev refs April 2 2018

REV RON GREENALL: Iron theme to my latest memories

Firstly a couple of new points for a new month. It was in this week in 1721 that Sir Robert Walpole became the first Prime Minister of Britain.

This gorgeous dish is a fantastic example of the exquisite decoration that Worcester was so famous for. It is worth between 250 to 300 pounds

By George, this porcelain is fantastic!

Our antiques expert Allan Blackburn takes a look at what first introduced him to antiques...

A tragic scene awaited the doctor

Preston wife takes her own life after death of her soldier husband

Local historian Keith Johnson takes a look at a tragic suicide which resulted from the brutality of war...


IN PICTURES: 17 cars from British Leyland’s 50 year history

British Leyland dominated the domestic motoring scene making some of the most famous names on the nation’s roads during the 1970s and 1980s.

Leyland Motors Special Vehicles Dept workers in the 1980s

BRITISH LEYLAND: Birth of a motoring giant in Lancashire

It is 50 years since the name of small Lancashire town was confirmed as the one of the biggest players in the global car making industry. James Graves looks back at the history of British Leyland
Delia Derbyshire at work

How Preston inspired Dr Who

It has been one of the nation’s most recognisable pieces of music for more than half a century but the theme from Dr Who has its roots in the streets of Preston, explains Jennifer Smith
Detail from notes written by 18th century Lancashire joiner Thomas Noblet

Lost secrets of a Lancashire craftsman

A chance discovery has led to a fascinating new book revealing the life and times of a Lancashire craftsman from the 18th century

These mix and match pairs start from under seven pounds including side plates

It doesn't have to match to be a great tea set anymore

Our antiques expert Allan Blackburn looks at a new trend in cutlery...

The normally pleasant riverside walk was filled with terror

Boy, 8, died after being bitten by mad dog at Preston beauty spot

Local historian Keith Johnson looks back at the shocking death of a young lad attacked by a mad dog


100 years of the RAF and Lancashire

This week marks the 100th anniversary of the Royal Air Force, here Mike Hill looks at the long relationship between Lancashire’s plane makers and the nation’s armed forces

Suspects in a Hansom cab were chased by the police in a car

Preston police in dramatic Hansom cab chase

Local historian Keith Johnson takes a look at police car chase with a difference...
This Basil is 30 years old and is on sale at GB Antiques Centre for 36 pounds

Basil Brush still collectable with the 'kidults'

Our antiques expert, Allan Blackburn, takes a look at a furry friend who used to pull in millions of viewers on TV...
Soldiers enjoying tea and buns on Preston railway station

Easter in Preston in 1918

With Europe in the grip of the First World War, local historian Keith Johnson looks back to Easter in Preston 100 years ago

Rev Ron March 26 elephants crossing the tram lines in Blackpool, Rivington Pike, Scorton Station, Kendal and Preston Canal, toy projector

REV RON GREENALL: Getting ready for Easter

My first picture today is not a trick leading up to April Fool’s day on April 1.


IN PICTURES: Fifty years of Preston bus station

This week marks 50 years since construction started on what would become the largest bus terminal in the UK. James Graves looks back at the birth of Preston Bus Station

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