Jason’s ‘found’ more ghosts!

EVERYONE enjoys a good ghost story, especially at Hallowe’en.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 18th October 2011, 10:00 am

But how many people know about the supernatural events that have taken place in their own home town or county?

With this in mind, and with All Hallows’ Eve fast approaching, a new book by Garstang-based author Jason Karl should be of interest.

His latest book, “Haunted Places of Lancashire”, lifts the lid on stories of the supernatural in the red rose county which have been passed down through the generations.

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For this book, Jason Karl – a former co-presenter on Living TV’s “Most Haunted” and the creative director of the Scare Kingdom Scream Park in Clayton-le-Dale – has travelled the old county widely, often in the company of respected psychic mediums, in an effort to verify these known tales and to seek previously unknown stories of local ghosts and hauntings.

In some cases he has also drawn on the findings of members of the Ghost Research Foundation International, which he founded.

His stories include the ghost of Samuel Crompton, inventor of the Spinning Mule, who haunts the Hall i’ th’ Wood, Bolton, the shade of local celebrity Lizzie Dean who hanged herself in her attic bedroom at the Sun Inn, Chipping, and the apparition of a child riding a hobby horse in the Long Gallery at Astley Hall, Chorley.

He has also uncovered the story of a poltergeist at work in Barclays Bank, Morecambe, the ghost of Elizabeth I haunting Rufford Old Hall, along with other tales telling of phantom Cromwellian troops at Turton Tower, the ghost of Squire Cunliffe galloping through the village of Wycoller accompanied by blood-curdling screams, the shade of highwayman Ned King in the Punch Bowl Inn, Hurst Green, and 28 different ghosts at Mains Hall, Little Singleton.

Many of the places covered in the book are open to the public and the inclusion of telephone numbers and website addresses will help prospective ghosthunters to map out a series of visits to see for themselves.

l “Haunted Places of Lancashire” by Jason Karl is published by Countryside Books, priced at £7.99, ISBN 978 1 85306 986 4.