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Coastal living and world-class golf: Breath-taking £1.7m mansion a hole in one

Being a pro golfer must be great. The prize money is very appealing indeed, you get to wear snazzy trousers all the time, and it's the kind of sport in which you can maintain your professional standard well into your 50s. It just looks like ruddy good fun. And on top of that, the courses are famously pretty places. So when someone says there's a £1.7m mansion for sale practically on the grounds of one of the country's most prestigious golf courses, your ears will probably perk up.

Tram Bridge during its days transporting coal across the Ribble. The tracks can be seen leading up to Avenham Park

Preston landmark's uncertain future

News the Tram Bridge over the Ribble is closed amid safety fears is disappointing for those who have used a route which has served Preston for more than two centuries. Local historian Keith Johnson reports on a landmark in jeopardy
Canberra aircraft flying over Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Tragic air crash in Preston field

Shortly before noon on March 25, 1952 a Canberra jet bomber, flying from Salmlesbury to Warton, crashed into a field at Murray Trees Farm in Cottam, writes local historian Keith Johnson.
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