Tick off those jobs or take time out - here's five things to do today....

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By Ents Team
Friday, 27th March 2020, 6:00 am
Escape for a while in the pages of a good book
Escape for a while in the pages of a good book


Spring is on the way so take this opportunity to get the garden straight. From digging a veg patch to planting a window box, all your hard work will be there to enjoy by the summer. And you’ll get some fresh air and exercise at the same time!

Learn an Instrument

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Do you have an old instrument lying around the house that you have always fancied learning how to play? This could be your chance. Or just give the kids' recorder a go. Pick up some tips from www.joytunes.com/blog/learn-to-play/can-really-learn-instrument-online.


When you've sewn on that button that fell off weeks ago don't put the needle and thread away just yet - try your hand at a bigger project. Recycle some old clothes and fashion yourself a brand new outfit. Head to www.boredpanda.com/old-clothes-transformation-sarah-tyau for some inspiration.


Take care of your wellbeing, relax and sit down with a good book. Whether it's a dog-eared old favourite or a brand new novel that's been sitting on your shelf waiting to be read, it's the perfect time out. To buy online try www.hive.co.uk, they give a percentage of your money to a local bookshop of your choice. There's currently free audio books available for kids at stories.audible.com/discovery.

Spring Clean

It's a job we can't avoid and this is the perfect time to get it done! Dust, scrub, vacuum and polish your way to a sparkling house you will be proud of. See www.goodhousekeeping.com for hacks and tips.