Take a look around: Mind-boggling £1.1m Lancashire castle with a moat once visited by Charlotte Brontë

One's home is their castle, or so the truism goes. But that rarely refers to an actual castle. This, however, is an actual castle: Thurland Castle. And you could live in a literal castle and take on the title as Lord for £1,100,000.

Wednesday, 26th June 2019, 12:38 pm
Updated Wednesday, 26th June 2019, 1:38 pm
Yep, this is an actual castle.

Visited by John Ruskin and explored by Charlotte Brontë, Thurland Castle is a historic leviathan. There are countless rooms, the grounds are majestic, and the drawing room was once the castle's ballroom. This is a stunning home. Do yourself a favour and take a look around...

Thurland Castle dates back to the 11th century.
The property in question constitutes the principal wing of this historic Grade II moated castle.

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The stunning castle also comes with a Lordship, and let's face it, who doesn't want to be Lord of the Manor?
The reception room alone is larger than most houses...
With a dazzling chandelier, the reception room really is next level living.
The reception room is so vast, it has its own dining area.
Nestled in one corner of the reception, there is a place to rest up and take in the amazing views.
The sitting room boasts ornate ceiling details.
Reception room too imposing? Head to the sitting room, which is more modest.... but still very large indeed.
The hand-crafted kitchen has a striking skylight.
The kitchen also has an Aga.
Thurland Castle's entrance hall has its own sublime fireplace.
Even the home's cloakroom looks like something out of a fancy Soho club.
A separate vestibule can be found in the master bedroom as well.
The master bedroom has a classic four-poster bed.
The master bedroom is the size of most living rooms.
The master bedroom's bed is a thing of beauty.
With its own fireplace and beautiful views, the bedroom is about as good as it gets.
The property's second bedroom is equally as unique as the master.
One imagines this is the kind of bed in which Her Majesty The Queen sleeps.
Any home with three double bedrooms is large, but when all three are this big, the property can really only be a castle...
Like the other two, the third bedroom is pure class.
Views over the pristine grounds are a welcome sight.
The property on offer includes private ownership of the rose garden and a terrace overlooking the moat.
Nestled between the Lake District and the Yorkshire Dales, the castle retains its original drymoat.
The grounds incorporate 10 acres of landscaped grounds through which CharlotteBront, the author of Jane Eyre,regularly wandered in centuries gone by.
A tennis court can be found in the garden, while art critic John Ruskin once visited the house (not sure if he was a tennis fan, however).
The home is spread across three floors of accommodation.
In 2000 the castle was divided into 12 individual houses and apartments and sold individually.