This eco-design homes plan will be first of its kind in Preston

Architect John Bridge, of Studio John Bridge, is passionate about designing beautiful and eco-friendly modern homes. He's thrilled to be involved in an environmental project which is the first of its kind in Preston.

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Thursday, 24th January 2019, 1:52 pm
Artist's impression of new eco-friendly homes designed by Studio John Bridge
Artist's impression of new eco-friendly homes designed by Studio John Bridge

Eco-design is at the heart of my business and I’m always inspired by the latest techniques and materials to create a sustainable space. I become even more enthused when my clients have the same outlook on the environment as I do.

I’ve won planning permission for a unique project called Kingsway Gardens, a developing eco-commune. These new homes will be created with a renewable future in mind.

I don’t want people to feel like they have to sacrifice their lifestyle to become more environmentally aware. Solar panels, electric car charging points and sustainable materials will be just some of the things included to ensure the buildings don’t have a detrimental impact on the environment.

Artist's impression of new eco-friendly homes designed by Studio John Bridge

This will make it so much simpler for the new owners to have a positive effect on the environment without having to try, giving them more time to spend on themselves.

The health of my clients is also key. There’s so much beauty in natural light, especially when the brightness of a peaceful sunrise breaks through a window heralding a fresh start to each day.

I believe it is important the beauty of the sky should play a leading role in the lives of the people who will own these new homes.

I’ve designed large windows and a glazed link connecting the living spaces to the sleeping spaces to ensure that the properties are led by the clock in the sky.

An interior of the eco-friendly homes designed by Studio John Bridge

This gentle guidance of light will help to create health benefits around people’s circadian rhythms (often referred to as the "body clock"). My designs in Kingsway Gardens will help homeowners feel more energised and in tune with their day. In addition, the stunning rural views on the outskirts of this new development will be a spectacular focus.

I’m always enthused by helping people realise their dreams and because of that it’s always free to meet me. To know that I could be creating spaces where people could start their lives together, grow with each other and create new memories, is incredibly motivating.

To find out more about the plans for Kingsway Gardens, to develop your own dream or simply for an informal conversation, give me a call on 07540 240034. Alternatively get in touch via:

Kingsway Gardens, the proposed eco-development in Preston designed by Studio John Bridge