Golden Hill Chinese: Don't believe the hype.. it's better than that

Munchy Box
Munchy Box
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The worst I have ever had! Gone in the bin” writes Hannah on the Golden Hill restaurant’s Facebook page. “Don’t bother”.

As a social media editor of some years, I’ve come to trust some readers’ comments like I trust Blackpool will win the Premiership.

Kung Po Chicken

Kung Po Chicken

After all, should you care for a quick glance at the Lancashire Post’s own fine upstanding Facebook page, you’ll find a review by one Daniel Teshome, of the Dire Dawa Regional Health Bureau in Ethiopia who says “I know nothing about Lanc.shire”

Well thanks for that Daniel and you’re very welcome, but unperturbed, I decided to take the plunge and see about Golden Hill for myself.

The menu flyer that had been poked through my front door was full of promise and confusing rules.

Delivery available, but with a range of charges for various geographies, free stuff with certain spends but not with set dinners, photos are for illustration only and a main meal with rice in one container is the same price as a meal on its own.

Following this? Keep up!

Eventually, “Fill your stomach with our great selections!!” in bold red type was the incentive to get going to their website, which provided some clarity.

Another takeaway to shun Just Eat, you’re directed to their own ‘bigfoodie’ site, which is straightforward and simple to use.

There’s tons to choose from, so much so that we abandoned the extensive menu for want of domestic harmony and plumbed lazily for a 12” Salt and Pepper Munchy Box for £17.

I’m not convinced about not having a meal all to myself, but when it arrived, hot and on time, the sheer weight made me reconsider.

I doubt a twelve inch pizza box has ever contained such an array of sumptuous fayre.

A mountain of salt and pepper chips and shredded chicken was cosily tucked in with egg fried rice, prawn toast, spring rolls, and a sweet and sour dip.

A main dish of Kung Po chicken and a couple of tins of pop made the ensemble complete and I didn’t know where to start.

While I was contemplating, my other half used the bonus prawn crackers to scoop up some of the spicy rich Kung Po chicken and rice, then dipped a crispy spring roll into the tub of hot sweet and sour sauce.

Afraid I was going to be left hungry, I attempted to divide up the box onto two side plates, but there was still plenty to spare.

The prawn toast was crispy and covered with juicy prawns and sesame seeds, just right for dipping, and the spicy salt and pepper chips complemented the main dish, both of which packed full of red chillies.

It was never going to get finished (it could have comfortably fed three or more), and defeated, I was left to my thoughts. Hannah was wrong.