Well filled with a Rocket

Johney RocketsBlackpool Rd, Preston

Saturday, 7th March 2015, 5:00 pm
Johney Rockets: Garlic bread and cheese

Johney Rockets is a fairly new establishment that offers a range of pizza, burgers, kebabs and chicken.

Checking out the menu I noticed they didn’t deliver so, once ordered on the telephone, I set off to make the pick-up.

Entering the premises at the set time I had an extra 10-minute wait before my order was ready, but the staff were friendly and polite so this did not seem that long.

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We ordered a 12’ Margherita (£6), a 9’ Tropicana ham and pineapple (£4.80), a 12’ garlic bread with cheese (£4.50) a quarter-pounder cheeseburger with mayo no salad (£3.50), all washed down with a bottle of Coke (£2).

All pizzas came with thin crusts. The Margherita had plenty of cheese with a delicious herby tomato base sauce. A very garlicky bread also had ample cheese which was perfect for our tastes.

There was a generous amount of ham and pineapple on the Tropicana with the same herby tomato sauce.

As cheeseburgers go, this was a good size and tasted nice. All the food passed my family’s high expectations.

The total cost of our meal was £20.80 which isn’t that bad seeing as not one of us was left hungry. Johney Rockets may very well become my local takeaway of choice – especially if they add delivery.

Star rating 8/10