Wake up and chew the coffee

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People needing that instant hit can now wake-up and CHEW the coffee - thanks to these revolutionary caffeine cubes.

The Go Cube gummy coffee bites contain half a cup of coffee each and create no mess or washing-up, making them perfect to grab on-the-go.

The Go Cube gummy coffee bites

The Go Cube gummy coffee bites

They come in three delicious flavours - pure drip, latte and mocha - and contain only 35 calories each.

Each Go Cube, which are made from corn syrup making them suitable for vegans, consists of a specially blended of nootropic compounds, which supplement memory and alertness, and six grams of sugar for added brain fuel.

Geoffrey Woo and Michael Brand are the creators behind the remarkable invention after raising #27,043 target through crowdfunding.

They said: “We think all day about ways of helping people improve their mental performance and stay sharp all day.

“Before this, coffee had always been our default pick-me-up in the past, as it is for many people.

“Our goal with Go Cubes is to combine what people love about coffee to make a cognitive-enhancing product that’s delicious, shareable, convenient, and affordable.

“We take pride in quality products and a brand that’s both smart and down-to-earth.”

It’s thought the Go Cubes, which come in a randomly selected pack-of-four, will be available for international shipping by the end of the month - at a cost of #15 for six packs.