Trendy Preston tapas bar has lots to offer for food lovers

Mundo Tapas
Mundo Tapas
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Laura Wild samples what is on offer at one of Preston’s newest eateries, Mundo Tapas, in Preston’s Guild Hall

For the past few weeks it’s been turkey, chocolate, mince pies, more turkey, turkey butties, and cheese.

Mundo Tapas

Mundo Tapas

I’m not quite sure what it is that makes us eat so much over the festive period. Forget the season of goodwill, in our house it’s the season of indulgence.

So, in a bid to escape the leftover turkey and all the chocolate, we went out – it wasn’t for a walk though – it was out for tea.

Thankfully, at the new Mundo Tapas in Preston’s Guild Hall there was no turkey or mince pies in sight!

In fact, there was a host of other foods to get stuck in to. The diet can start tomorrow.

Before I get to how delicious the food was – let me tell you about everything else.

Mundo Tapas only opened in December, so it all still looks and feels brand new. It is trendy inside and there’s plenty of seating – which hopefully means it won’t be difficult to get a table.

It looks like they might eventually fill two units in the Guild Hall arcade.

Inside and out it looks welcoming, and when you’re inside it doesn’t feel like you’re in the Guild Hall Arcade at all. It has a big city feel to it, like it could be in Manchester or Leeds.

We opt for a booth tucked away in the corner. Lots of other people were in when we arrived, couples, groups of friends and families. Something for everyone, it would seem.

As we pondered the menu, the waiter filled us in on the tapas process. He told us we could order a maximum of three dishes each, and then keep reordering up to three dishes a time.

This was useful to know, because there have been times when we’ve been to a tapas and not known how much to order, so we’ve ended up with too much or not enough.

We opted for Garlic Flat Bread with Tomato and Mozzarella, Moroccan Lamb and Vegetable Tagine, Seafood Paella, Piri Piri Chicken Wings, Italian Meatballs with Garlic, Red Wine and Tomato, and Grilled Greek Halloumi with Roasted Mediterranean Vegetables.

The dishes ranged in price from £2.50, up to around £5.

The menu is made up of food from around the world, meaning there’s plenty on offer, including some dishes that we hadn’t had for a while, and I’m sure, for some, there’s completely new food.

Our dishes arrived in good time, which was just as well, because we could smell everybody else’s and it was making us hungry!

We were impressed by the portion sizes and had a plateful of everything. It was all packed with flavour.

Of what we ordered, my favourites were the Piri Piri chicken wings –the meat just fell off the bone – and the seafood paella. They managed to include plenty in the portion, including mussels and prawns.

My fellow dinner loved the meatballs, and his second favourite was the lamb tagine.

There was so much to tuck in to and it was all piping hot. There’s such a good selection on offer, we really enjoyed it.

Obviously, the nature of tapas means you can have as much as you want. The six dishes was plenty for us, But I wonder if we went with a group of friends we could try the entire menu.

In contrast, a colleague told me her and the family had made the most of the festive all you can eat offer and kept going back for more.

I’m sure we will go again, the food was top notch, while the trendy atmosphere and the polite staff all add up to top marks.

Try it – you won’t be disappointed.

Open seven days a week from noon until 2am. Visit: