Tasty... but for won tons

Bamboo - Pungington Road, Preston
Bamboo - Pungington Road, Preston
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Bamboo - Pungington Road, Preston

It’s not often a takeaway also takes care of your forward planning needs, but the Bamboo Chinese takeaway is currently sending a free 2015 calendar with home delivery orders.

As well as the bamboo wall hanging, this Plungington Road eaterie despatched a tasty midweek dinner of clear won ton soup, some crispy won ton dumplings and a very generous portion of vegetable chow mein.

The soup was delicious, a clear, salty, flavoursome broth with spring onions and chicken won ton dumplings.

Sadly the side order of crispy won won dumplings was less successful – greasy deep fried filo pastry sheets with an indeterminate filling.

It might have been chicken or pork, but was difficult to tell and a total lack of seasoning did not help matters.

The side sauce that arrived with this had the texture of glue and was a frighteningly lurid shade of pink.

Things looked up with the main course, a generous bowl of soft noodles, lightly coated with a tasty sauce and with plenty of vegetables and cashew nuts.

The total came to £14.10, including a £1 delivery charge and a 50p card fee as the order was booked via www.justeat.co.uk and included a free bag of prawn crackers.

All in all a satisfactory dinnetr, although the majority of the crispy won tons went straight into the bin.