Recipe: Smoked pork croquette with haricot beans

Smoked pork croquette with haricot beans
Smoked pork croquette with haricot beans
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Renowned Lancashire chef, Steve Williams, enjoyed roles at Le Gavroche, London, Raymond Blanc’s two Michelin Starred Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons in Oxford before taking on the executive chef position at Stanley House Hotel at Mellor in 2003.

This dish is full of flavour, and a firm New Year favourite at the hotel’s Mr Fred’s brasserie. The dish is one for those wanting to make an impression.

Pork confit

(makes eight portions)

1 x 700g piece of smoked shoulder of pork

Duck fat or sunflower oil

50g Sea salt

10g Thyme

10g allspice

1 bulb garlic

Tarragon – chopped

Balsamic vinegar

Flour/egg wash/fine breadcrumbs

Salt and pepper

Haricot beans

200g dried haricot beans or two tins of pre cooked

100ml whipping cream

Chicken stock - to cover

30g flat leaf parsley – thinly sliced

One oven-roasted red pepper, which should be peeled and chopped roughly

50g good quality pitted black olives – cut in half

4 slices of Serrano ham or other similar cured meat – cut into strips


1 Prepare the pork two days prior, trimming off excess fat then wash and pat dry.

2 Peel the garlic cloves and stud the pork with them

3 Sprinkle the pork with the sea salt, thyme and the allspice

4 Cover, refrigerate and leave for 24 hours

5 Wash and pat dry the pork

6 Place into a slow cooker, cover with the melted duck fat or oil, and turn on to a low temperature

7 When the meat is tender, take out of the fat and flake it up. Add the tarragon, vinegar and seasoning to taste, and a little of the duck fat until the flaked meat is moist, but firm to the touch

8 Roll into a cylinder and freeze

9 Soak the haricot beans in water overnight

10 On the day, preheat a fryer to 180C (alternatively fry in a pan by turning continuously)

11 Cut the cylinder of pork into two-inch lengths and roll in the flour, egg wash and then the breadcrumbs.

12 Meanwhile, drain the beans, cover with the stock and bring to the boil. Simmer until tender, add the cream and reduce to required consistency.

13 Add the parsley, ham, peppers and olives. Season to taste and spoon into a bowl.

14 Deep fry the croquette until crisp, golden and thoroughly reheated. Place on top of the beans and serve immediately