Our meals were no gems

Ruby takeaway
Ruby takeaway
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Sometimes there’s a good reason to stick to the usual takeaway and food, and other times it’s nice to experiment.

Unfortunately this wasn’t one of those occasions and my friend and I were wishing we’d played it safe on both counts.

Instead of our usual Chinese takeaway and our typical grub (pineapple fried rice and chicken fried rice) we thought we would experiment.

The first takeaway we tried was closed Tuesdays, so we opted for Ruby, on Ormskirk Road, Preston, which was open seven days a week.

My friend Caroline decided on chicken with cashew nuts (£4.40). I thought I would try, for the first time, tofu with green pepper and black bean sauce (£4.20). We opted for prawn crackers (£1.20) and chips (£1.50).

If there is one positive thing to come out of this experience it’s that I learnt some invaluable lessons.

On the phone there was no mention of how long the delivery would take. And the minute I put the phone down I realised I should have asked.

It took an hour to arrive. By which time we both had a small mince pie as we were a little peckish.

Second lesson? Check you have the right takeaway straightaway. We’d paid £9.70 (and another lesson is check the amount all adds up) and it was when the driver was back in his car that we realised we had the wrong food.

Chips? Tick. Prawn crackers? Tick. Tofu with green peppers and black bean sauce? Tick, oh what’s this with them? Cashew nuts? That wasn’t mentioned on the menu alongside the tofu and black bean sauce. Chicken with cashew nuts? No, it was missing.

We managed to call the driver back and although he said he could bring the right order back to us (and insisting we hadn’t paid any extra for the chicken dish that wasn’t there), the thought of waiting any longer (even if it was given speedy priority, it would have to be cooked then taken to us) was too much for us.

Disgruntled, I rang the takeaway and they insisted there was no mention of chicken.

So we settled down to our Chinese takeaway of prawn crackers and chips. I don’t like cashew nuts and Caroline doesn’t like tofu so we couldn’t eat the meal. The chips were cold and not really appetising. But we were hungry and ate them. The prawn crackers were tasty though.

In future we’ll be back to our usual Chinese takeaway ordering our usual fried rice dishes.

Star rating: 4/10