Here is how to survive overdoing it at the office Christmas party

Medical herbalist Jenny Logan writes about preventing over-indulgence this Christmas

Friday, 14th December 2018, 10:51 am
Updated Friday, 14th December 2018, 10:58 am
Drink water in between alcoholic beverages

It’s that time of year again – The office Christmas party. The get together with friends. The family gatherings. Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve.

While it is fun, and can be a wonderful thing, there can be no doubt that this time of year can also be for many, a time of over-indulgence.

Too much food, and sometimes, too much alcohol.

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This week, I want to look at the best products to stock up on to prevent the after effects of that over-indulgence.


Christmas for some reason is now synonymous with large meals, treats, and basically, most often on the day itself, over-eating.

For those who usually end up eating more than they had planned, and certainly more than their stomach is used to, a digestive enzyme can be the ideal way to prevent

and deal with, digestive


A digestive enzyme tablet provides all the enzymes needed by the body to properly break down and digest food.

When we overeat, our ability to produce enough

digestive enzymes can be compromised, which can lead to that food sitting around in our stomach feeling like we’ve ‘swallowed a brick’.

This, in turn, causes an increase in gas production, leading to bloating, wind and indigestion symptoms.

Simply taking one or two digestive enzymes with or after a big meal, should help to prevent that uncomfortable feeling many people describe after a Christmas dinner.

A digestive enzyme supplement is also an ideal product for anyone who regularly suffers with indigestion symptoms, and those who think they may suffer with food intolerance.

This is because regular bouts of indigestion, could also be referred to as undigestion, because it is most commonly caused by an inability to properly digest the foods we are eating.

Additionally, food intolerances are often caused by a lack of the right enzyme to break down certain foods.

For example, a lactose intolerance which is an inability to digest the sugar found in dairy products, is most commonly associated with a lack of the enzyme lactase, which is needed to properly digest lactose.

For those who are wondering if they may have a food intolerance (and those who know they do), taking a good Digestive Enzyme

Complex tablet with each meal, can be a great way of relieving your symptoms.

Check the contents of the tablet you buy, because of

the prevalence of lactose intolerance, you do want to make sure that any

product you buy does contain lactase.

I have suggested this approach to many clients over the years, and have had great results.

Indeed, many people have told me that using these products when they need to go out for a meal has really made their life much easier.


Obviously, everyone knows that drinking water before going to bed, if we have indulged in alcohol, is helpful.

It helps to rehydrate the system, so could also help to prevent that banging headache which can follow a few glasses of wine. It is even more helpful if we take a milk thistle supplement with that drink of water.

Milk Thistle is a traditional herbal remedy which is known to help support liver function.

Boosting liver function after drinking alcohol can help to clear the drink out of the system more quickly, further reducing the risk of a hangover. But what if you go to bed without the water or the milk thistle?

Well, have no fear, taking milk thistle the following day has been reported by many to help to quickly relieve symptoms.

In fact, this is how I use the product myself.

I always try to remember to take one before I head out for the evening, then I take a second dose in the morning when I get up and I swear that it really helps.

This second dose is always taken alongside a rehydration sachet or drink.

Rehydration drinks are usually designed to be used by sports people to prevent a loss of electrolytes, or may be sold for helping people to recover from diarrhoea.

They key important thing about them, though, is that they are designed to rehydrate you.

Dehydration is the main cause of the headache many people suffer after consuming alcohol, so products which are designed to rehydrate the body will also help to clear that head.