Cracking carvery, delicious desserts

Blue Anchor in Bretherton
Blue Anchor in Bretherton
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Aasma Day feasts on a family favourite at the Blue Anchor in Bretherton.

“Perfect potatoes and brilliant beef.”

Blue Anchor in Bretherton

Blue Anchor in Bretherton

That was the verdict delivered by our eight-year-old daughter using her newly-learned alliteration skills after tucking into a Sunday lunch carvery.

“Stupid sprouts and ‘orrible onions” was her twin brother’s contribution – but this was down to his aversion to certain vegetables rather than a reflection on the accompaniments on offer.

Nothing beats a great Sunday roast, but when it comes to carveries, I’m a bit particular and like the emphasis to be on quality rather than the churning out of food for the masses like many all you can eat chains tend to do.

We stumbled across the Blue Anchor at Brethrton after reading some rave reviews on Tripadvisor and decided to go for a family Sunday lunch.

We hadn’t booked – something we began to regret when we saw how busy it looked – but a friendly waitress led us to a table.

The pub itself had a nice friendly feel and the decor all looked modern and fresh. We learned from some locals that it had been recently refurbished and had everything from new flooring and upholstery to a new bar and lighting.

The Sunday carvery came in a few different options, just the carvery alone, soup followed by the carvery, the carvery followed by dessert or for the super hungry, all three courses.

Hubby and I decided to forego soup as we didn’t want to fill up before the main event so we chose the carvery followed by our choice of dessert for £10.95.

For the children, the cost of the carvery was £6.95 and this included an ice cream.

We went to the carvery area where everything looked fresh and appetising and a friendly woman asked us which meats we wanted before heaping generous slices on our plates and telling us to help ourselves to as much veg as we wanted.

The choice of meats were the “brilliant beef”, gammon, turkey and chicken and all four meats were succulent and full of flavour unlike the watery and tasteless meat served at some carveries.

At eat all you want carveries, it is standard practice to be told you can help yourself to as much veg as you want.

But the piece de resistance with the Blue Anchor is that you can have limitless meat too. However, as our first portions were so generous, we didn’t need to take this up.

All the meat we tried was incredibly tasty, but we were in total agreement with our daughter – the beef WAS brilliant, beautiful, the bees knees and any other positive B words you can think of. It was so tender and sublime it just melted in your mouth with no chewing needed.

The carvery vegetables were also a cut above what you would expect with everything having a lovely home cooked taste. The were also some unusual but great combinations such as sprouts in a pepper sauce and cauliflower cheese and leek crumble as well as gorgeous roast potatoes.

Even the Yorkshire puddings and gravy were wonderful.

With so much main course, we really did not need a dessert but pure greed and the fact we had already ordered the two-course option made us force them down.

I ordered a banoffee sundae which consisted of chopped banana, ice-cream, cream and toffee sauce all in a huge sundae glass and it was delicious.

Hubby went for the melting chocolate pudding with custard which came beautifully presented and had just the right consistency of oozing chocolate.

Even the children’s ice-creams, topped with a sauce of their choice, looked impressive considering they were free with the children’s carvery.

With a small soft drink apiece, the total bill came to just over £40 which was a bargain for such a high quality carvery.