A big bill for a fairly modest fill

TotTo’s mediterranean Turkish delight - Fleet Street, Preston

Saturday, 21st June 2014, 10:00 am
Napoli pizza

Ask the question: ‘Fancy a takeaway?’ and the counter-question is usually: “Chinese, Indian or chippie tea?”

But what if you’re not in the mood for the above and fancy something a bit different?

That was the predicament in which I found myself this week after a hectic evening taking our children to swimming, football and to perform in a school show – we realised we hadn’t factored eating into our schedule.

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Taste buds craving something new I was delighted to visit takeaway website Just Eat and see Totto’s showing a ‘New’ banner promising ‘food with a Mediterranean and Turkish flavour.

After perusing the menu, I decided on Lamb Guvec – lamb cooked slowly in the oven in a tomato sauce with Mediterranean vegetables.

Hubby chose Turkish meatballs – traditional beef balls – in tomato sauce.

Both meals came with rice and homemade bread. At £9.90 each, our mains were pricey, but for the children, we chose a Napoli pizza – bolognese sauce, mozzarella, cheese and herbs – at £4.95.

Being a sucker for a special offer, after seeing Totto’s deal of a free bottle of house white or red wine for orders over £25, I added a can of pop to our order to push us over the mark and bag the free plonk.

The pizza went down well with the kids, who scored it “yummy”. Hubby and I tried a slice each – for review purposes only, of course – and while it was tasty we didn’t think it outstanding. Sadly, that was the verdict on our mains, too. Pleasant enough without living up to that price tag.

My Lamb Guvec was tasty, the lamb tender, the vegetables perfectly cooked and the sauce flavoursome. However, it wasn’t all a takeaway dish costing a tenner should be.

Hubby fared worse, however. Though the meatballs were nice, there wasn’t enough sauce to cover the rice and it was bland at that.

The rice and bread was lovely, but the portions were not exactly generous. After eating our mains, we only just felt full.

A decent enough meal and the ‘something a bit different’ we were looking for. But nothing incredible enough to tempt us back – not at those restaurant prices.