A cheesy night out at Guy’s

Guy's Eating Establishment, Guy's Court Bilsborrow
Guy's Eating Establishment, Guy's Court Bilsborrow
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Clare Kelly enjoys the olde-worlde atmosphere at Guy’s – and a pizza feast.

Guy’s Thatched Hamlet has always been an enjoyable pub stop of mine after a scenic walk along the canal, but I’ve never ventured into Guy’s Restaurant & Pizzeria before.

A relative of mine had been to the Bilsborrow eaterie for a Christmas do and enjoyed it, so I decided to try it out.

I thought it would be easy to park as it was Wednesday, so it would be fairly quiet.

I was right with regards to parking, there are plenty of spaces. But quiet? The sounds of a fun fair met my ears and everywhere I looked were families.

I’d forgotten it was half term. And I’d forgotten it was Ice Week at the venue.

As myself and two friends looked at the crowd of people in the reservations area, we were telling ourselves we’d have to turn back.

But no, we decided to look a bit further into the restaurant (the place is like a large maze) where a waiter asked how many people we had in our party.

Instead of telling us we’d have to wait, he took us upstairs, past a balcony – which was packed with families eating, and overlooked the busy restaurant downstairs –into another room.

Apart from a table of four people, the Rev Duell room (which featured the date 1843 on the door, and caused speculation as to who the reverend was), was empty until another group came in.

The room’s portraits and wine rack decor continued the atmospheric olde-worlde feel to Guy’s, recognisable for its thatched roof.

The menu for Guy’s Restaurant & Pizzeria is mostly Italian, with pizzas and pasta, but it has other dishes too. When we were there fish of the day was red snapper.

We each had complimentary Italian bread sticks, and on the table was a plate of carrots, celery, and dip.

One of my companions opted for spaghetti bolognese (£8.95) and a half pint of Stella (£1.95), my other friend decided on a chargrilled chicken breast salad (£10.20) with a pint of Stella (£3.85) and my choice was tea (£2.50) (I was driving) and Alfonso pizza (£9.50). We also ordered garlic bread for starter (£4.20).

The second surprise of the night was being served so quickly, after looking at how busy the venue was.

The spaghetti bolognese was in a huge dish, in plentiful supply (I don’t think my friend will be hungry for a long while yet!), the chicken breast was enjoyable, with tomato, lettuce and peppers.

My alfonso was made up of four cheeses, Lancashire cheese, goat’s cheese, mozzarella, Stilton and tomato. I love pizza but this was a different one for me. All the cheeses had a distinctive taste, and the Lancashire cheese was prominent in the pizza.

It was very cheesy and delicious, but I think that might be my cheese ration used up for this week!

It may seem a minor point after the food, but I was also pleased to have a pot with two cups of tea, rather than just one.

The bill for three people came to £41.15, which was okay for three people.

I definitely was not cheesed off with Guy’s. We were all very happy with our visit.