Family launch campaign to get a ‘super’ pup

Asha (14) with his sisters, Kim (24), Chelsea (22) and friends dogs, Shivers, Dolly and Bo.
Asha (14) with his sisters, Kim (24), Chelsea (22) and friends dogs, Shivers, Dolly and Bo.
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A young autistic teen needs your help to make his dreams of having a canine helper come true.

Asha Greenaway, 14, from Banks, has severe autism and a learning disability but his mother Nicole believes an autism assistance dog will help improve his life. And so the family is doing all they can to raise £6,000 to buy a pooch from Service Dogs Europe that is specially trained to help Asha.

Nicole said: “As any family of children with severe special needs or disabilities will be aware, it can be incredibly stressful and tiring striving to communicate, amuse, entertain, calm and care for them twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. Asha attends an Autism Initiatives school but despite an excellent education and a dedicated home life he finds day to day life skills exceptionally difficult, sometimes impossible to manage.

“The unconditional love, lack of judgement and patience of a service dog will make a world of difference.”

The dog will be specially trained to spot signs of an anxiety attack and calm Asha with touch intervention, pressure intervention and mobility assistance. The dog will be a comfort to Asha and also help protect him from danger,

But the talented canine will not just support Asha.

Nicole said: “Although the dog will work primarily with Asha, his older sister Chelsea , 22, also has autism. She has epilepsy, severe learning difficulties and hemiplegia. She uses a wheelchair for mobility and has very different needs to Asha. She lives at home full time, cared for by myself, with loads of help and support from my eldest daughter Kim, her partner Rob and three dedicated friends and carers Shelly, Emma and Aaron who work with Chelsea at home. The service dog will be trained to walk with the wheelchair, accompanying Chelsea out on days when Asha is in school.”

So far they have raised £1,970. To donate see: