Takeaway review: Yu's Chinese Restaurant /Fish and chips at Station Road, Bamber Bridge

I  admit I can be quite erroneously suspicious of  food outlets which try a little too hard and boast more than one speciality on the menu.

Friday, 15th June 2018, 3:05 pm
Updated Tuesday, 19th June 2018, 6:06 pm
Salt and pepper chicken

This is probably why I have always driven past Yu’s Chinese and Fish and Chip shop.

Why both?

Can’t it make up its mind?

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Spring rolls

But I have to admit that Yu’s seems to have a forged a place in the heart of the hungry folk of Bamber Bridge as every night - as I motor by - it seems full of queuing customers, each with their eye on the extensive Chinese menu with a side order of chips.

So I was looking forward to trying out the menu and ordered a varied selection for us to try all, you understand, for research.

And because this is an establishment which boasts its fish and chips credentials, I also ordered chips as well.

I ordered my food online via the website where I was charged £1 for delivery (the price goes up if you live further away).

Prawn crackers

For starters we tried out the salt and pepper chicken wings which were absolutely delicious, particularly the accompanying spicy onion mix which was mouth-watering. We also tried the mini vegetable spring rolls which came in a bag of 10 and were as expected although they would be better accompanied by a sauce.

The goodies arrived with a free bag of prawn crackers which were crisp (my pet hate is soggy crackers) so they get a tick for that.

Meanwhile, on to mains where we plumped for salt and pepper chicken with fried rice and fried shredded beef with sweet chilli sauce - plus of course the portion of aforementioned chips and a side order of curry sauce. We were glad of the curry sauce.

The salt and pepper chicken, though tasty, is not quite as delicious as the chicken wings. It’s a little dry in nature as a dish so you really need a dipping sauce if you order it (my mistake).

Shredded beef

The chicken itself was tender so don’t let that put you off.

Very nice with the side of curry sauce.

Meanwhile, the shredded beef proved quite delicious, with a nice sweet chilli sauce and went perfectly with the fried rice, accessorised by a few chips.

Ah, the chips.

Egg fried rice

Quite the triumph and not what I’d term ‘Chinese takeaway chips’ but actual proper golden chips of the non-greasy perfectly fried variety.

Quite the treat and a surprise.

Next time I must try the fish too.

Yu’s was a surprisingly enjoyable treat and reasonably priced so don’t be shy to try it.