Takeaway review: Tardy Spice is worth the wait

Contrary to what you might think this is not a story about the legendary sixth Spice Girl sacked for her lack of punctuality.

Friday, 30th September 2016, 6:07 pm
Updated Wednesday, 5th October 2016, 2:31 pm
Takeaway review from The Radohny, Lostock Hall
Takeaway review from The Radohny, Lostock Hall

Instead, on an autumnal Thursday evening I arrived home with a keen hunger and a hankering for spicy food from somewhere in the South Ribble area.

So, after a brief internet search for a curryhouse that could offer a more diverse menu and crucially as I also had a desire for a large red ...deliver.

Which is how I landed on the website of The Radohny in nearby Lostock Hall.

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Boasting modern Indian cuisine, the reviews online were great and the slight 
issues mentioned with the delivery service were easily dismissed.

So in a few minutes my order was phoned in.

I opted for the obligatory poppadoms (half spicy, half plain) with the usual dips including onion chutney, mango chutney, chilli dip and cucumber raita.

We also plumped for starters of chicken pakora and chicken tikka puri ( a dish new to me but sounding delicious....deep fried 
unleavened bread with a spicy tikka filling).

The chosen mains were from the chef’s recommendations section of the menu.

Chicken tikka manchoor and pili pili murghi –both spicy chicken dishes –and, as usual, pilau rice accompaniment (other rices are available.)

I was told this feast would arrive an hour later.

So our hunger pains grew but I set the TV to play two episodes of , well, Episodes, and waited and waited and waited.

After an hour and a half, during which I’d phoned them back twice and intercepted the neighbours arriving home in case they were carrying curries and apologised accordingly, the food arrived and honestly... it was fabulous.

Highlights were the new to my taste buds tikka puri and both of the mains.

My only criticism – why the multi-coloured rice? My bug-bear at many Indian takeaways and restaurants.

So to the point.

Definitely try the Radohny, the food is delicious and not overly priced.

To be fair the internet reviews did warn of the delivery issues and even the Radohny’s own website positively encourages you to pick up your food.

So expect a feast from the Radohny – just keep your car keys to hand.