TAKEAWAY REVIEW: Preston's Top Nosh makes for a tempting and plentiful midweek treat

Technology is a great thing in this busy day and age. And when, on a Thursday evening, you can't be bothered to cook for yourself and chief reviewer and small person, it's so easy to reach for the phone and use a well-known and popular app to order your food to be delivered later on - even before the chosen restaurant opens.

Kids popcorn chicken meal, with drink, chicken kebab and choco shakes - all from Top Nosh in Preston
Kids popcorn chicken meal, with drink, chicken kebab and choco shakes - all from Top Nosh in Preston

It was by chance that hungry Thursday evening that a menu for Top Nosh was pushed through the letter box, tempting with its multitude of dishes.

Chief reviewer, unhappy on our last takeaway test to be denied her favoured popcorn chicken and chips, was easy to please in her selection this time round.

I, on the other hand, was faced with a menu filled with goodies and unable to decide so quickly. For Top Nosh offers not only curry and pizza, but fried chicken, burgers, kebabs and more.

Top Nosh's create-your-own chicken pizza, with free garlic bread (for spending over 12)

Eventually a chicken kebab called out to me. As did pizza - but what topping? Chief reviewer demanded ham. And as neither of us like pineapple, we were left to create our own. But on a closer look ham wasn’t on the list of toppings. Chief reviewer relented to chicken. And as a surprise I also ordered a couple of choco shakes.

And with the food ordered well before takeaway opening time, I was left to just relax until it arrived.

The food came at their stated time on ordering and suddenly it looked like a lot of food - but unknown to myself when ordering, a free garlic bread is given on orders over £12.

Keen to dive in, chief reviewer quickly opened her kids popcorn chicken meal and declared the chicken tasty, crispy, but soft. I noted that they were nice big pieces of chicken and not overcooked like many takeaway offerings. The popcorn chicken was probably the best I’d ever tasted from a takeaway.

We both found the chips to be soggy, though this didn’t stop chief reviewer from eating the lot.

I was eager to move on to my chicken kebab, which was presented in a hot naan bread, with salad (no tomatoes) and garlic sauce.

The chicken was tasty and cooked properly. And there was plenty of it. The salad was just the right amount (not too much), and the garlic sauce was just perfect. It was subtle and didn’t leave an aftertaste like many garlic sauces do.

The pizza was a low point of the meal - the chicken wasn’t described on the menu as tandoori chicken, but that was what we got. It was overpowering.

The best bit of the whole meal was the choco shakes - a crunchie one for me and an oreo one for chief reviewer. Presented with squirty cream on top and flavoursome, they didn’t last long!