Takeaway review: The Mad Ferret, Preston

I'll admit to being a little bit lazy - if I'm ordering a takeaway and the firm doesn't deliver, I'll pick one close to home so I don't have far to go to collect it.

Wednesday, 31st January 2018, 11:11 am
Updated Wednesday, 31st January 2018, 12:16 pm
Mad Ferret beef burger
Mad Ferret beef burger

The Mad Ferret ticked the box by being only a 10 minute drive away.

What I didn’t reckon on was leaving the house in a lightning storm.

And of course there were no nearby on street parking spaces free when I arrived.

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At least the friendly chap in the Ferret sympathised as I lumbered in, soaked to the skin, to pick up my burgers.

“Well these had better be good!” I muttered to myself when I got home and got changed.

The two burgers had gone a little cold but to be fair I had arrived late due to the parking dilemma and five minutes in the oven soon sorted it out.

They looked great, packaged up in paper boxes on a well stacked bed of French fries and with the Ferret logo stamped into the top of the bun.

My Smokehouse Deluxe burger was a beast.

There was no option but to grab a knife and fork and chop it in two as jaws couldn’t get round it - if this was the single beef burger option, I’m not sure what size the double variety was!

The 8oz beef patty was juicy and good quality and a filling option though I couldn’t taste the pulled pork topping as much as I would have liked above the relish.

It was good to get a decent salad topping in there, though I wasn’t entirely convinced by the addition of beetroot to the lettuce and tomato as it made the bap a bit crumbly.

There were more than enough crunchy little French fries - tasty though I don’t think they were home made.

My other half fared well with a chicken burger.

Rather than a breadcrumb battered burger as these things tend to be,it was a flavoursome slab of good quality chicken fillet covered in zingy sauce. the creamy ailoli was great and gave the burger a delicious Mediterranean twist.

Was it worth a soaking? Yes, the burgers were good quality if a little at the pricier end of things at around a tenner a pop.

The total bill came to £20.90, plus a 50p charge from Just Eat for ordering online.

The Ferret is definitely worth a look if you have a big appetite - and large jaws to get to grips with the burgers!