The special ice cream which helps dogs beat the heat

An ice cream parlour's bid to help our four-legged friends beat the heatwave is proving a massive tail wagging success.

Wednesday, 18th July 2018, 1:33 pm
Updated Wednesday, 18th July 2018, 2:37 pm
Fredericks managing director Donna Townson at the ice cream parlour in Bolton Road, Chorley, with regular customers Paul Wren and Murphy

Fredericks, the famous century-plus old Chorley gelato kings, are now keeping pets as well as people happy – with Doggy Ice Cream.

The special sorbet-like concoction is made with peanut butter topped with suitable sprinkles made from crushed dog biscuits.

And to keep noses cold and wet the treat is totally dairy free as dogs cannot deal with lactose. The treat has been such a success during the fabulous weather that Fredericks have repeatedly sold out.

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Now bosses at the firm have decided to boost production and keep four legged Fredericks fans as happy as the two legged variety.

Donna Townson, joint managing director of Fredericks and the third generation of the family to run this cherished Lancashire name, promises dog owners their faithful sweating companions won’t be disappointed if they make a repeat visit to its parlours any time soon, because empty punnets are now being replenished.

She said: “It is quite a hands on job to make it because you have to hand fill the tub and then put the biscuits in and we have got to do it when we are not making any other ice cream, so we have been struggling a bit to keep up with demand, because we have to prioritise sometimes.

“We have been doing a few hundred tubs a week at present - and that is growing. We are now getting customers, particularly at Mesnes Park parlour, calling in with their dogs because of it, particularly in the gorgeous weather. We are dog friendly and have long put out bowls of water and biscuits and this seemed a logical extension and dogs and their owners seem to love it!”

“Humans could try it if they want because there is nothing none-edible about it ... but we reckon dogs would prefer it really!”