Haldi Express 2: Takeaway test of a new Euxton offering

As a journalist on a local paper, it doesn’t do to admit I’m behind the times.

Wednesday, 11th September 2019, 5:27 pm
Updated Wednesday, 11th September 2019, 6:27 pm
Haldi Jalfrezi

But it was drawn to my attention this week that I had become a little, well, tardy in my local knowledge.

There was a takeaway in Euxton I’d had my eyes on for a while, called The Saffron, and in a serendipitous moment I located a leaflet that was previously posted through my front door.

Only now it was called The New Saffron.

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Before I had too much time to consider what had changed to make it bigger, brighter and even better than before, I searched online to make an order.

But as soon as the New Saffron had appeared before my eyes, it magically changed again to the Haldi Spice Express 2 (and yes, I too am wondering whether it had been the Haldi Spice Express 1 for all of five minutes. Who knows?).

I thought I’d better order quick before it became a launderette.

No need for Just Eat on this occasion, as the restaurant has slick looking website and, at the time, a 10% discount for direct online orders.

There’s plenty to go at, with an extensive menu offering entrees, tiffin trays for sharing, tandoori and house specialities as well as the classics.

There’s even a sandwich list and a kids menu featuring some English classics and a handful of milder curries.

A return email told me my order was being prepared but would be 10 minutes late (about another half-pint’s worth), a time of arrival, and another 10% discount for my next order - so far so good.

From the house specialities we ordered a Haldi Jalfrezi and a Tanger, which was advertised as ‘chicken cooked in medium hot Haldi’s own distinguished spices’ - a little non committal, but I suppose the Colonel never let on either.

Confusion was caused however, because a number of the dishes are described as being ‘served with basmati rice’.

If that is meant as a serving suggestion it’s not very obvious, and the rice certainly didn’t show up with the order.

Some other dishes state they are served with salad or naan, and some with crispy potato chips, but perhaps they are extras too? It needs to be clearer.

As it was the jalfrezi was tasty, and a delightfully unusual stew made with keema, peas and potatoes, but certainly not the ‘very hot’ as advertised.

The Tanger had plenty of ‘distinguished’ flavour, and was again closer to medium-spiced than hot, but was a dish I’d order again.

The lack of rice was just about saved by a splendid keema naan which was full of meat, and not the generic red kind we’d expected.

All in all a promising little takeaway, just no dice for the website. Or rice.