Developers set to demolish Preston nightclub building

Blitz Live Venue and Nightclub
Blitz Live Venue and Nightclub
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Preston’s live music scene could be hit by a second vicious body blow as another key venue reveals it faces an uncertain future.

Demolition notices were posted on the front door of the Blitz nightclub, in the same student quarter of the city as the doomed 53 Degrees, and owner Peter Alexander, says his business has been “left in limbo” since the shock signs went up in Great Shaw Street.

He said: “It’s absolutely disgraceful, no-one has said a word to me about this.”

“How can we run a business properly with all this uncertainty hanging over us?”

Developers are about to build an £18m student accommodation complex on land behind the family-run nightspot that opened two years ago in the former Club Royale premises off Friargate,.

But, even though the plans had already been lodged with the city council before Peter set up Blitz, he insists there has never been any official indication the club would have to go until three weeks ago when the notices went up outside.

“It was a complete shock,” he said. “I turned up one morning and there they were.

Portergate Developments (Preston) Ltd have already submitted a notice of intended demolition to the city’s planning committee.

The company’s chairman, Anthony Jackson said: “When we acquired the site, the owner of Blitz knew what our plans were.

He added: “We don’t know what will be there in its place yet but we’re not investing £18m into the area for nothing.

“We want to put something there that enhances the city and can be sustained.”

To add insult to injury the signs said the ‘former’ Blitz nightclub would be demolished in mid-December.

Peter said: “If people read that then they’ll think we’re shut - we aren’t, we’re very much open and carrying on as normal.”

“At no stage have I ever been contacted by Portergate, as far as I know Electrovision are still the owners because it was them who I paid my last month’s rent to.”

Peter added that landlords Electrovision have told him they were “shocked” by the notices going up and they felt he should at least have six months to find somewhere new, rather than be booted out before Christmas.