Couple take plunge to save Preston floatation centre

A Preston alternative therapy centre is to float on after being taken over by new owners.

Paul and Tina Burrows who have taken over the Mandala Float Centre in Broughton
Paul and Tina Burrows who have taken over the Mandala Float Centre in Broughton

Paul and Tina Burrows have stepped in to save the Mandala Float Centre in Preston, which was the first in the county to offer floatation tank therapy.

The centre opened three years ago in Northway, Broughton, and has two tanks where people can enjoy sensory deprivation conditions for deep relaxation.

Paul and Tina previously worked in the IT industry. Paul started to get interested in integrative therapies about six years ago after cancer in his family in a bid to find underlying causes of certain illnesses.

Tina Burrows with one of the floatation pods

The couple have plans to expand the range of therapies such as acupuncture for stress and detox and even infrared saunas.

Paul said: “We have two state-of-the-art, spacious floatation pods that are filled with 500kg of Epsom Salts in 10 inches of skin-temperature water.

“The temperature of the water and the air is set at this level so that eventually you stop feeling where the water, your body and the air meet and you really do feel like you are floating in nothing.”

He said it helped with stress relief and anxiety, decompresses the spine, allows nutrients to be delivered around the body more easily, improves magnesium balance in the body and helps with creativity or problem solving.

The pods have therapeutic lighting and music

He added: “Mandala closed at the end of January for minor building works and then briefly opened again in March before the current owner made a decision to close for good. We were able to agree to buy the centre in early April.

"We are keen to work with local health and wellness groups such as those who support people with mental health issues, chronic pain and those recovering from devastating illnesses such as cancer."

Paul is studying at the College of Naturopathic Medicine in Manchester.

The floatation pods are 8ft long, 5ft wide and 5ft high. Clients can have therapy lights and music inside them or if they prefer can float with the lid open.