Wheels on the line? Here's a £100 fine

A car parking firm has been accused of '˜crossing the line' after a supermarket customer got a £100 ticket for stopping on one.

Thursday, 25th January 2018, 4:38 pm
Updated Thursday, 25th January 2018, 4:40 pm
Wardens ruled this was illegally parked at Lidl in New Hall Lane.

Kainat Naveed’s Vauxhall Zafira was booked at the Lidl store in New Hall Lane, Preston because two wheels were sitting on the white bay markings.

Now husband Soomro is challenging the fine, claiming it was issued unfairly by private firm ES Parking Enforcement Ltd who look after the site.

He said: “Okay, two wheels were on the line, but that’s no reason to charge us £100. I couldn’t believe they could be so harsh. They were just looking to book someone and it happened to be us they got.”

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Soomro was only in the store a matter of minutes to pick up some cakes, apples and milk. It was days later when a parking charge notice dropped through the letterbox of the family home in Canterbury Road, Preston. The couple were offered a discounted parking fee of £60 if they paid within 14 days.

“I’m challenging it,” said Soomro. “The ticket says it could rise even more after 28 days due to debt recovery or court action. I’ve done some research and for a ticket to be issued the vehicle has to have at least one whole wheel outside the white lines. Ours were on it.”

ES Parking Enforcement Ltd is a car park management company based in Preston. Its registered address is City House, a mail box shop in Friargate.

The company said: “Motorist are entitled to appeal a parking charge notice if they believe the ticket has been issued incorrectly.

“If an appeal is rejected the driver/keeper then can appeal further to the Independent Appeals Service.”

A spokesman for Lidl UK said: “The car park isn’t actually owned by Lidl and has a number of businesses on the same premises. As such, we unfortunately don’t have any control over the parking restrictions that are in place.”