£200 fine for van man who parked in front of mobile speed camera

A driver has had to pay £200 for parking his van in front of a mobile speed camera.

Jason Sayers parked his van in front of a speed camera
Jason Sayers parked his van in front of a speed camera

Jason Sayers, 47, was arrested by officers after parking his vehicle in front of the Northumbria Police van in Keir Hardie Way, Sunderland, in January.

He was summonsed to court for obstructing a police officer but failed to attend and a warrant was issued.

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Jason Sayers parked his van in front of a speed camera

Sayers was arrested later by police and has now been made to pay £201 after admitting the offence at South Tyneside Magistrates' Court on Monday, the force said.

The driver, of Hendon Close, Sunderland, was ordered to pay a fine of £86, as well as a victim surcharge of £30 and £85 in costs, and now has a criminal record.

Following the case, Pc Pete Burke, team leader of Northumbria Police's Camera Enforcement Unit, said the mobile vans were not aimed at making money, and all the speeding fines go to central government.

He said: "I find it astonishing that people would park in front of one of these vans when they are there to help prevent someone from being killed or injured by a speeding driver.

"I have personally seen the devastating effect the loss of a loved one at the hands of a speeding motorist has on family and friends."

The officer added: "Images of this type of incident published on social media gain many likes from similar-minded people and offenders are often praised for their actions.

"Is this really worth a criminal record and any court penalties?

"Would those offering praise take that risk by obstructing a camera themselves? I doubt it."