Cyclists v motorists: The debate continues over road use and courtesy in Lancashire - here's the cyclist's point of view

Our story about motorists facing a £100 fine for driving too close to cyclists got some seeing red.

Wednesday, 19th September 2018, 11:56 am
Updated Wednesday, 19th September 2018, 1:02 pm
Motorists could face 100 fine for driving too close to cyclists

But the opinions were split, with interesting views on both sides. Here are some of the comments from the cyclists, and you can read the case for the drivers by clicking here:

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Motorists could face £100 fine for driving too close to cyclists

Gary M Hough

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I'm taking it people on these comments don't ride bikes on the roads . People on bikes need to avoid drains and pot holes and also riding next another biker is better if there's a group of cyclists as it shortens the overtaking distance .

Craig Lancaster

Why do motorists in this country hate cyclists so much ????? I have cycled on the continent and you don't get agro over there.

Mike Stevenson

It's in the highway code, It's easier to overtake a short block of cyclists than a long line of them

Robert Davies

As taxpayers [cyclists] do pay to use the road just like everyone else. "Car Tax" or Vehicle Exise Duty is a tax you pay to license your your vehicle based on its emissions and the damage it causes to the environment. Cyclists create zero emissions, so are not liable - just like an electric car.

Oliver Fence

I wish people would get that stupid comment out of their head's There is no such thing as ROAD TAX, we pay the same as everyone else, I have a car and pay VED based on emissions, I choose now and again to not use that car but use my bike, I've still paid for the use of the car though and I don't have any emissions. GOT THAT???

Robert Davies

Cars getting bigger does not help.

Carolyne Dixon

Which cycle paths?? Oh wait, there's (half) a cycle lane on Garstang Road - it's frequently mistaken for a car park. Any cyclist with common sense would use cycle paths if they existed!

Norah Elisa Ulzheimer

I cycle near the kerb always have done

Hannah Ikin

You may be amazed to find out that a man on a bike can't kill the occupants of a car.

Craig Robinson

Some of these comments are insane , the cycle lanes are useless, it's obvious to me not many of you drivers have experienced cycling on our rds , I stopped last year due to being knocked off , I have now sold my road bike n now bought an off road one , it's a scary place out on them roads , I agree there is some proper idiots both in cars and on bikes

Ste Norman Stanley Fletcher

Punishing people is just going to push more people away from cycling = more fatties + more pollution. Why not just make it safer and more desirable to get on a bike?

David Bland

Again bikes dont pump out fumes dont clog traffic and certainly don't wear out road surfaces . lets use common sense

Nigel Ratcliffe

I'm a cyclist and driver....Think the law used to state a cyclist should allow a call doors width.. Cyclists should not overtake on the inside...done it myself and if a passengers getting out...bang you've been got...respect for each other maybe? ???

Peter Hamnett

Potholes are generally the reason I don't cycle in a straight line. And also the need to go round corners to get back home

Simon Evans

Why should they pay tax? My bike is insured because it's expensive. I don't pay tax on my cars or bike I don't see why I should because the emissions are low enough to miss the tax band

Rob Bebbington

I think this is fantastic I never really understood what it’s like riding on the road on a bike until I started commuting to work. I knew a lot of motorists shouldn’t be on the road from driving but until you start doing some serious miles cycling you really gave know idea

Lee Pemberton

Judging by the drivers I see, most need to read their highway code and stop driving around like they own the roads - they are not just for car drivers. And before you start harping on about ' well I pay my car tax...' the roads are paid for out of general taxation so ALL road users - pedestrians included, pay for the upkeep - such as it is.

Karl Taylor

Can just tell all the lazy motorists rubbish arguing points that are about to come/already being presented.

1) Cyclists should pay road tax. - No one pays road tax you doughnuts...

2) Cyclists should have insurance. Most sensible cyclists do but not all, just like motorists!

3) Cyclists should be on cycling paths. Not all paths go in the direction that the cyclist intends.

4) Cyclists should be fined for riding two abreast. Draw a diagram and see the distance it takes to pass 6 riders in single file versus 6 riders two abreast, having a brain might help with this.

5) Lastly, if you don't like the way the roads are run, don't drive and get the bus, bicycles were around long before cars

Sam Richard