Are you the UK’s most annoying driver? Motorists’ most hated habits revealed

Pet hates and dangerous behaviour revealed in new study

We spot them in other drivers all the time - the little habits or mistakes that wind us up.

And no matter how good a driver we like to think we are, there are probably things we do that annoy other motorists, even if we see nothing wrong with it.

Now, new research has set out to find the UK’s most annoying habits, as well as how many drivers own up to being guilty of them.

The study found an interesting mix of issues, with everything from dangerous actions like cutting up other cars to the simply inept like bad parking. But top of the list of annoyances was some drivers’ apparent inability to indicate. Whether it’s at a junction, when changing lanes on a motorway or overtaking, failing to indicate can be potentially dangerous as well as discourteous and 55 per cent of drivers questioned said it got on their nerves.

Just behind it in the survey by Click4Reg, were drivers who leave their main beams on when there’s another car approaching, dazzling the driver and potentially risking an accident. Fifty-two per cent of motorists said it wound them up.

Less dangerous but still annoying, 42 per cent said that drivers who sit well below the speed limit were a source of frustration while the potentially deadly practice of tailgating another car was an issue for 40 per cent of drivers.

Last-minute lane changes, bad parking, speeding, not being courteous, sudden braking and middle-lane hogging also made it into the top 10 annoying behaviours.

Guilty as charged

Despite being left fuming by other drivers’ inconsiderate or dangerous behaviour, the vast majority of those questioned admitted to being guilty of at least one of the 10 most annoying habits.

They were most willing to admit to parking badly but speeding and not indicating were also among the most common “offences”.

Old age rage

The survey also asked which groups of drivers motorists found most annoying, with older drivers coming off worst. Forty-one per cent of those questioned said they found elderly drivers annoying, just ahead of young male drivers (38 per cent) and lorry drivers (26 per cent).

Bizarrely, two per cent of drivers said they found emergency vehicles annoying, seemingly missing the point that they are they for everybody’s safety.