Brit pop band Bines finds stolen guitars and drum set thanks to the people of Leyland

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A Brit pop band had a tumultuous 24 hours after their guitars and drum set were stolen a day before the biggest gig of their careers yet.

But in an unexpected string of events, band Bines managed to recover all of the equipment - but only with the help of people from Leyland.

Members of Bines at Sound City in Liverpool

Members of Bines at Sound City in Liverpool

And the group have thanked the town they are from after dozens came to their aid at a time of need.

Danny Bowles, 26, who plays rhythm guitar and sings, said: “It was Friday morning when I found my car had been broken into overnight. I was about to go to work and my doors were all open.

“We had a really big gig on Saturday - the biggest gig of our careers at festival called Sound City in Liverpool.

“The stuff was only in my car because we had had a rehearsal on the Thursday evening.

“It left us with no guitar, bass or drum set. We were at a bit of a cross roads because we had this gig the next day.

“Police told us they would try and bring back all the gear but the chances of finding anything was slim. When we posted about it on social media though the response from Leyland was unbelievable.

“I called Rimmers Music in Chapel Brow to check if anyone had tried to sell them anything thinking no one would be stupid enough. An hour after I called they got back in touch saying some lads had been in trying to flog the stuff to them.

“They gave me the registration number of the car they were driving and I called police who went on a search for this car and found it in Preston. They arrested three lads.

“They had sold two of the guitars to a pawn shop in Preston but two guitars were still missing. We called every pawn shop around and found the last two guitars in Chorley.

“But the drum equipment was still missing as well as quite a few guitar pedals. Later we had a message from a woman on Facebook saying someone else had seen some dodgy characters stuffing things into a bush. So we got all the drum equipment back but we were still short of pedals.

“So the next morning, on Saturday, our bass player went down to walk around the area where the drum equipment was found and he managed to find the rest of the stuff so we actually got all of our equipment back.

“It was all because of the people of Leyland. In 24 hours we managed to get everything back. It’s the best town in the world.

“Then we went and did the gig and it was amazing, it was really successful.”