This Book is Not Good for You - Pseudonymous Bosch - 30/03/10

What child could resist it?

A deliciously dark and chocolatey book full of big chunks of crazy humour and a cast of mouth-watering characters...

This is the elusive Pseudonymous Bosch's third book in the thrilling, knockabout 'Secret' series and, like the chocolate at its centre, it's seriously addictive fun!

A cursed Aztec Tuning Fork which can create any taste in the world, a deranged Spanish chef who would do anything to get his hands on it and a secret jungle lair inhabited by cocoa-crazed monkeys ... this is a plot to get your taste buds tingling.

Cass and her friends Max-Ernest and Yo-Yoji are members of the Terces Society, an ancient organisation charged with protecting The Secret (nobody knows what that is of course!) from their sworn enemies, the Midnight Sun.

The malevolent Ms Mauvais and the evil Dr L are the white-gloved alchemists who run Midnight Sun and their latest scheme involves using an African orphanage as a cover for a chocolate plantation which employs child labour.

But why do they want all this chocolate and could it have something to do with The Secret?

When Cass's mother Mel is kidnapped by mad chef Senor Hugo at his creepy restaurant, the Terces Society faces adventure and danger in the quest to find Mel and halt the Midnight Sun's diabolical plans.

Only problem is that in his eagerness to ensure that his readers enjoy the ride, Mr Bosch just can't help interfering ... like putting Chapter 15 at the beginning of the book and telling us what will happen next because he reckons knowing something terrible is going to take place is scarier than not knowing!

This Book is Not Good for You is actually very good for you ... the teasing, topsy-turvy world created by the scrumptious Mr Bosch is guaranteed to have you laughing all the way to the next instalment.

(Usborne, paperback, 5.99)