Spies in Disguise: Boy in Heels by Kate Scott and Clare Elsom

Spies in Disguise: Boy in Heels byKate Scott and Clare Elsom
Spies in Disguise: Boy in Heels byKate Scott and Clare Elsom
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I spy with my little eye… a boy dressed up as a girl!

Welcome back to the outrageous world of a pint-sized James Bond who has eschewed fast cars and smart suits for pink frocks, tights and tutus.

Kate Scott’s super sleuthing schoolboy spy Joe is walking tall in his third hilarious espionage escapade which sees him donning skirts and high heels to play body-double for his mum.

The knockabout adventures of spies-in-training Joe and Sam – the girl who loves football and has become his very best friend – are must reading for children aged six and over who love nothing better than a mission seemingly impossible.

Boy in Heels is the final chapter of Spies in Disguise, a fun-filled series of classic comedy capers which features long-suffering Joe who has discovered his parents are spies but must dress up as a girl to fool the enemy.

Joe and Sam have one last mission to complete before Joe’s family is moved on and he can finally ditch the pink dresses, remove the sparkly, animal-shaped hair clips and stop pretending to be ‘Josie.’ The only downside is that he will have to leave town and wave goodbye to Sam… maybe forever.

But for now their job is to handle a series of top-secret collections using their burgeoning stealth skills – not to mention the latest gadgets from HQ – and it is all going perfectly to plan.

At least, it was going well until Joe’s spy mum found herself in serious danger and in urgent need of a body-double, meaning that Joe’s disguise will have to grow several inches. But can he walk in high heels without falling over, learn what it means to be a parent as well as a spy, keep the enemy off the scent and save his family from discovery? It’s a tall order…

Clare Elsom provides the characterful illustrations as Scott ratchets up the tension and fun in an all-action story filled with madcap antics, high drama, some ultra-cool spy gadgetry and a heart-melting friendship.

An ideal story for both girls and boys, and an exciting and original adventure for children starting to read alone, Boy in Heels remains head and shoulders above the rest as he takes his final bow.

(Piccadilly Press, paperback, £5.99)