OAP aims for Sci-Fi bestseller

OAP on UFOS: Author Patricia Connor Williams
OAP on UFOS: Author Patricia Connor Williams
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It’s a novel Jim, but not as we know it.

A Preston pensioner has taken a trip to a galaxy far, far away from the norm and penned a sci-fi novel.

Patricia Connor Williams, from Penwortham, Preston decided to take matters into her own hands after reading a few less than satisfactory novels.

She said: “I just thought, what can I write that is different? Once my son got me a computer I was away with it.

“The publishers thought it was written by someone much younger!”

Though it has taken four years for her book, ‘Shining Like The Sun,’ to be published, Patricia spent a just a year penning the novel, adding it “gave me plenty of time to think about it.

“I am glad my book has been published as I’m knocking on a bit and it’s nice to have something to leave behind - a sort of legacy.”

The thought-provoking story about the intertwining lives of aliens and earthlings, looks at the best and worst sides of humanity.

And a sequel is already in the pipeline.

Patricia, who was born in Derbyshire and spent most of her childhood in Portsmouth, worked in London before moving up to Lancashire with her first husband.

After moving to Fleetwood her husband began working down South again but the former civil servant remained in the county with her son, spending time in Preston after a divorce and subsequently moving to Cheshire with her second husband.

Patricia adds: “Now I’m back in Preston because my son is here.

“He thought it would be better for me now that I am on my own - I spend a lot of time on my own, that’s how I’ve got the time to write the book.”

Regardless of her partial sight, Patricia is a keen reader and her book has already received rave reviews.

She said: “I’ve had comments on Twitter and Amazon so at least those who are reading it think it’s good so it must be alright.

“There are a few naughty bits in it but it’s nothing like 50 Shades of Grey which, incidentally, I haven’t read but I would like to have the money it’s made.

Publishers Melrose Books said: “We receive a number of science fiction and fantasy submissions but Patricia’s in particular stood out from the rest. 
“We especially liked how it wasn’t reliant on spectacle; the book is as much a science fiction novel about an alien race, as it is an exploration of human qualities such as love, loyalty, family and heritage.”

Patricia said: “The person who put the notice about the book on Twitter said it ought to be on screen because it is just the thing for television or the cinema but I don’t think it’s going to get that far - you never know.”

Readers can purchase their own copies of Shining Like The Sun direct from us by telephone number below or our website www.melrosebooks.co.uk.